Bird feeding pole with feeders.bird feeders, feeding birds safely

Feeding birds safely in the garden – AD paid sponsored post

disclosure: this is a paid sponsored post.

As you know from a previous post on how to attract birds to your garden, I’m keen to encourage birds into my garden and for my son to appreciate the different species that are local to us.  I do have to think about feeding birds safely in the garden, with a 3 and half-year-old boy to consider but also one rather nimble one-year-old cat – our Brewster!

I’d normally have a dish on the ground to feed blackbirds, but I’m sure the minute my back was turned he would be helping himself, so for the time being I’ve left ground feeders well alone.

There is a vast array of hanging bird feeders on the market as this link shows.  These are obviously a much safer option when you have little children around and give you flexibility.  I have a hanging pole that I can attach various feeders to.  They are great for the birds and mean I can have hanging birdseed feeders as well as peanut feeders ……

Bird feeding pole with feeders.bird feeders, feeding birds safely in the garden

….. and in the winter I add suet feeders and suet balls too to keep the birds really happy.  The bird feeders are all just out of his reach.  The other advantage of this kind of feeder is that the birds are hopefully safe from the cat!

I did have a lovely old wooden bird table, that sadly rotted away over this last winter.  It was great for wood pigeons and collared doves to feed on the covered table and I could also hang fat balls from the sides.  I’d love to buy another one when the budget allows.

This year I think we will have to invest in something like this too ….. Squirrel proof feeder, bird feeder, Feeding birds safely in the garden

…. as we get lots of grey squirrels at the bottom of the garden.  These type of feeders, let the birds reach the food but the greedy squirrels just can’t reach it.

So hopefully I have covered all the bases and will be feeding birds safely in the garden, protecting them from the cat, protecting their food from squirrels and protecting Monkey from eating anything he shouldn’t!