Ferrari fan

Ferrari fan

I’m going to cheat this week with my What’s the Story? post and feature two photographs.  I’ve been meaning to post about one for a while, and I got a surprise during my blogging weekend away which prompted me to get writing!  This week’s post is all about being a Ferrari fan.

So, the story of my first photograph …… It’s fairly clear that I’m a big Ferrari fan, spend enough time with me and it will always get a mention!  I live in an area surrounded by Formula One teams and ancillary services and am not too far away from Silverstone.  After my son was born I attended a series of Early Days classes at one of our local Children’s Centres.  I got friendly with a lady called J and her little girl F, who was a week younger than him.  After we’d been chatting over coffee at some point she’d heard me talking about a Grand Prix I’d watched at the weekend.  I’d said I was a Ferrari fan and she started laughing.  Her husband worked for Renault Lotus, he was the team Lollipop man.  That will mean nothing to you unless you like Formula One!  Needless to say, that got us talking about my obsession.

I thought nothing more of it, we became good friends and would meet up every week for a chat with our kids.  I’d invited her and a couple of other friends around for his birthday.  Nothing special,  and just to celebrate his first birthday with a bit of cake, not a party.  I certainly wasn’t expecting presents, that wasn’t what it was about.  Anyway, J turned up with a present and told me it was fragile.  I’d better open it!  I did and promptly burst into tears. I hadn’t expected a present anyway, and when I saw what’s she’d done I was totally overcome.  As a Ferrari fan, there was nothing better for my little boy than this.

Ferrari fan

It was a signed photo from Fernando Alonso taken at the night race in Singapore in 2010 and hurried back in time for his birthday.  Not only was it signed but it was actually addressed to him, and says Happy 1st Birthday (it’s misspelt which actually makes it more precious to me).  I was totally amazed, stunned and speechless.  I couldn’t believe that her husband had gone out of his way to organise such a wonderful surprise for his birthday.  The boy would be a Ferrari fan for sure now!  I had the photograph framed and it’s hung in his bedroom ever since.

My brother had bought me a signed Kimi Raikonnen photograph for my 40th Birthday from when he was driving for Ferrari.  That’s had pride of place for a while.  I’m so thrilled that he’s returned to Ferrari year – always been a big Kimi fan.  I like drivers with a bit of character!

As I mentioned earlier in the year I won tickets to this years British Grand Prix and was lucky enough to get Felipe Massa to sign my Ferrari hoodie to go with my Ferrari cap he signed a couple of years ago.  He will race for Williams next year, so it’s nice to have a special something from his time at Ferrari.  As a Ferrari fan with family and friends in Spain, I love Fernando Alonso, but unlike my son I’ve never got his signature.  My luck was about to change.

When I met up with my blogging friends at the weekend we’d decided to do a Secret Santa.  My present was the first out of the bag.  What would it be??

Imagine my delight when I unwrapped this!

Ferrari fan

A signed photo from Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa!  Just what any Ferrari fan would love.  The lovely Angela from The Life of Spicers did well!  Now, where am I going to hang this one?

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  1. Wow what an incredible story Mary. How amazing to get another signed photograph too. You must have been beside yourself with excitement! Perhaps you should just hang it in your lounge?! Wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

  2. Wow, you almost made me cry too – what a wonderful thing to do for Monkeys birthday! #WhatstheStory

  3. What a great gift. I think its been so long since I drove I would never have the skill to drive one, be too scared of driving into a ditch lol

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