Find a penny …..

Find a penny, pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck.  Are you superstitious?  I certainly am.

We seem to have a ‘penny good luck’ benefactor.  On our short walk to pre-school, we have to pass a mini supermarket and I think someone must get fed up with getting a penny change.  On more than three occasions over the last few weeks, my son and I have found a penny on our way to school.  Each time we’ve picked the poor, lonely penny up, rubbed it and put it in my pocket for good luck.  I then transfer it to his monkey box when I get back home.

Each time it has happened something nice has happened to us.  Yes, I hear you shouting at the screen – pure coincidence!  Well, I prefer to think of it as good luck 🙂

Today, a little penny was waiting for us again on our way to pre-school.  When I got home I found out I’d won one of the spot prizes from the #playfest Twitter part on Tuesday night with Haba, then my son came home and was in a wonderfully creative mood all afternoon – a double helping of good luck! To top it off I had some good news from a company I’ve been wanting to review, for a while.  So thank you penny, for another day of good luck.

Before you ask, yes I do walk around ladders and say goodbye to every single magpie I drive past.

Are you superstitious?  Tell me more …..

23 thoughts on “Find a penny …..

  1. if I find a penny I have to pick it up and can’t put it down, I can’t put new shoes on the table or open a packet of crisps the wrong way round, and yes if I see only one magpie I will search for another or convince myself I saw two! xxxxx

      1. the crisp packet one was from my nan! she would never let us open one upside down!!! xxxxx

  2. This is such a lovely story. I am definitely superstitious, even more so now I have children. I guess it’s because I am more protective in Mother Hen mode so always wanting to avoid any bad luck! If this penny benefactor continues Monkey could have himself a nice amount soon! x

    1. Yes, I’m the same I think. I know, we were having ‘Granny-cam’ with my parents in Spain earlier and Dad said the same thing. At the moment, every penny really does count too 😀

  3. I also pick up pennies saying “pennies from heaven”, but not when I’m out with my husband as he gets embarrassed, lol

  4. Congratulations on your win! Didn’t know they had been announced yet, will go and have a nosy at what you got 🙂 Nice to hear such a positive story!

  5. That’s lovely, great post. I am a tad superstitious – ever since I tripped over a pot of paint when I went under a ladder! Always go round them now. Heading over from #PoCoLo

  6. That’s lovely 🙂 My son found a four leaf clover the other day in our garden and I was SO EXCITED. Not that I’m particularly superstitious, but just that I’d never seen one and I’ve been looking out for one all my life. My mum is 64 and she’s never seen one! Then later on he found another one! Apparently you often find more than one if you do find them. They are stuck in a pile of big books at the moment and I’m going to frame them.

    1. Oh wow! Definately worth framing 🙂 When I was at my Middle School our playing field was covered in clover, I can remember my friends and I spending many lunchtimes trying to find a four leaf clover – well done 😀

  7. Grace and I always say this rhyme when we see a penny and always pick it up. We seem to be doing pretty well as a result 🙂 Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

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