Finding inspiration from How to Train Your Dragon

Finding inspiration from How to Train Your Dragon

There’s no secret that my son is a reluctant writer and although he loves books, he’s still not the happiest independent reader.  He’s much better than he was, but homework is always a battle and a change in reading band recently had a few issues.  But we plod on, doing what we can, hoping that one day he’ll find a love in writing and reading for himself.  I live in hope. Monkey’s topic at school this term is Cressida Cowell and dragons.  I’d heard of her books but never read any of them, or watched the relating films.  Monkey has really enthused about the topic and I decided to buy the books and see what happened.  Monkey has certainly been finding inspiration from How to Train Your Dragon.

They are reading the first book in the series at school, and Monkey has loved the fact that we’re ahead of the class with our reading at home.  I’m doing the reading, but Monkey is totally enthralled.  We’ve read at bedtime, we’ve read after breakfast,. we’ve read at pretty much any spare moment we’ve found.  His enthusiasm has been heartwarming.  He totally loves Hiccup, Toothless and the whole story.

Something rather wonderful has happened as a result of this book. Finding inspiration from How to Train Your Dragon, I’ve discovered my son writing!  Yes writing, and drawing.  He’s disappeared a few times lately and then run up to me with his pad in hand.  Look Mummy.

Monkey has started writing all about How to Train a T-Rex.  There are comprehensive instructions, bullet point style. There are drawings of the T-Rex and everything.  It’s really rather wonderful to see that Monkey has been finding inspiration from How to Train Your Dragon, from a book and it makes my heart sing.

Finding inspiration from How to Train Your Dragon

He’s loved books before, but this is the first time I’ve really seen a chapter book grab him in this way.  He’s totally taken with the characters, and can’t wait to find out what’s happening next.  I managed to capture my little writer at work last week, so I could send a photo to his teacher.  She has done wonders with Monkey since he joined her in Year 1 and this year, she really seems to have got him sussed and he’s working well with her.  I’m sure she must be as sick of all this SATS stuff as the parents are, and I wanted her to see what’s she’s done, what to me, teaching really is all about, inspiring children. To me, SATS are just a nonsense.  Monkey will do the best that he can do, and if that’s not good enough for the ridiculous standards, then tough.  For me, the thing that’s really important is that something has clicked inside him.  He’s seen the beauty of a story, and realised he can see a whole, wonderful world of imagination stretching in front of him. He’s already been inspired to sit with me long enough to now have started book 2.  I have to say, I’m rather enjoying it too.

Have your children been inspired by a book recently?  The link I’ve included above for the series of How to Train Your Dragon books includes my Amazon Affiliate link.  The set is a great buy in my opinion.


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11 thoughts on “Finding inspiration from How to Train Your Dragon

  1. It’s a great way to get inspiration. H is a reluctant writer too and he’s been inspired at various times by books and films to write and draw – I love it when it happens, so much better than handwriting practice.

  2. Ah this is fantastic! So great to find something that has inspired him. I have to admit I live the films… As does our Monkey. I really look forward to reading some of the books with him! Xx #ssaa

  3. I never knew that this series were books. I know that sounds silly but I have seen the films but have never really given it much thought. I love how this has inspired Monkey, not only to read but write his own book. I can tell how proud you are. I don’t agree with SAT’s to be honest I haven’t given them a thought. I’m sending an email off now to see if they are something we have to take.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements

  4. Sometimes it just takes 1 book. We’ve not quite got as much inspiration but while N iiked some of the Roald Dahl books we read, the Magic Faraway tree got him talking more and imagining other lands.

    Let’s hope Monkey’s interest continues. Thanks for linking up #schooldays

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