Finishing Year One

Finishing Year One

So today I was you as you are finishing Year One, my son.  You have grown so much in this academic year and I am so proud of all you have achieved.  I know you struggle with reading and writing and lessons in general.  But you’ve made so many steps in all areas.  I look back on your class book from September and I can see just how much your writing has improved.  I can see the sentence structures, the use of capitals and punctuation.  You may not be where your peers are, but god I’m proud of you.  You show such determination, and you were starting so far behind them.  To be where you are today, is an achievement, something to be proud of.

Your reading has come on in leaps and bounds.  You are starting to read your ‘home books’, or at least help me to read them.  You know how happy this makes me.  It’s so lovely to see you learning to love reading. Who would have thought we’d be saying that when you started Year One?

You still have your one favourite best friend and you’ve coped so well not being in his class this year.  You’re being reunited in Year Two and I know how excited you are about that prospect.  Whilst he is still number one, you have been more sociable this year, you’ve explored the possibility of making other friends.  I know you’ve found this hard at times, you’ve struggled when others haven’t wanted to play with you, or play your games.  It’s a double-edged sword, and a life lesson you need to learn.  Compromise.  It’s a big one my son.

You brought me to tears when it was your school Sports Day.  My son, my timid, sport hating son.  You joined in with your peers, not once, but twice.  The tears rolled down my cheeks as I watched you.  I think I actually saw a smile or two that day.  I was so extremely proud of you – you faced a fear and ran anyway.  You were awesome.

Finishing Year One has seen your confidence grow in so many ways.  You’re more willing to try new things, have a go, take a few risks.  I know Beavers is helping with this too.  It’s so wonderful to watch others start to see the boy I know you are.  To see you chatting to people, having fun, enjoying life and feeling relaxed enough to just be yourself.

Your imagination never ceases to amaze me.  You can recount our adventures in detail and my living room carpet has seen so many recounts of the fun we’ve had over the last year. You’ve been my teacher as I’ve learnt your phonics sounds, been taught Cherry Tree Maths and seen that actually, you are taking everything in from school.  It may not be going down on paper as well as it should.  But it’s in your head.  You understand.  It’s there.

You are a bright, happy, quiet little boy. You are funny, naughty (always two sides to every coin) but kind and compassionate. You love engineering, vehicles are still a major obsession.  You love life and I love you more than words can ever say.

Finishing Year One

You are so excited to have the same form teacher in Year Two.  It’s a mixed year class again with Year Three children.  We will see how that will work.  I know academically that the next year is going to be hard.  Hard on both of us I think.  Hard for me because I know what’s ‘expected’ by this ludicrous system, hard for you, because you are starting on the back foot.  But you are strong, you are growing in so many ways.

I will be there every step of the way.  Whatever Year Two brings, we will face it together. But for now, my lovely young son, school is out and the summer has begun!  Get that Trunki case packed, let our adventures begin!


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  1. Gosh he looks like he grown up so much! Well done on finishing year one, its amazing just how much they grow and learn in only one year!

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