First bike

First bike

My Monkey is amazing me, almost on a daily basis at the moment.  So many changes, so much confidence, bravery and new experiences.  Last Spring Daddy P and I wanted to buy Monkey his first bike. I’d been putting money aside for it, we were both excited about this little milestone.  Monkey had different ideas.  We took him to our local bike shop, he refused to look at the bikes, let alone get on one.  Daddy P and I were gutted.  The boy was not for moving, I do not want a bike.

So fine, I put the money away again.  Let us know when you change your mind.  I do not want a bike!  That told us.  The money has been sat in my safe place ever since.  Every so often I’d broach the subject, but no, he still didn’t want one.

Fast forward nearly a year.  We now like scooting, in fact we love scooting.  Maybe we’re ready for big boy wheels!?  In fact, Daddy P and Monkey had a boy’s day out a few weekend’s ago and the subject was mentioned. Daddy I would like a bike please.

Yesterday, we asked Monkey if he’d like his first bike. We could go and look at them, we could see what they have.  Yes please Mummy.  Ok, let’s go!  We decided to try our local Halfords this time.

Monkey spotted a Fireman bike first of all.  I like that one.  Uum, it’s a bit small for you, I think you’ll need something a bit bigger.  But I want the Fireman bike.  Oh dear.  Well look what we have here Monkey – you could have a Police Bike!! How cool would that be?

First bikeDaddy P got the bike down from the rack and this happened – he was off!  We were both amazed.  Our little boy had just picked his first bike.  Another little milestone, another priceless memory, a wonderful magic moment.

The staff were great, they made Monkey’s bike up for us while we waited and added his Police bell – a must have accessory for every little Monkey rider.  I have spotted a siren, might have to have a word with the Easter Bunny on that one!

It was a lovely sunny day, and we had time for a test ride before we went off to a family party.  He does need to work on his peddling, he likes to peddle backwards for some reason.  Then get’s upset because he isn’t going anywhere!

It was wonderful to watch Monkey with his first bike.  He is so pleased with it, especially as he has a box on the back.  Mummy I can take teddy for a ride too!

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40 thoughts on “First bike

  1. Aw, cute. And handy you’ve got lots of good pavements to ride on.

    I can’t wait til N moves up from his balance bike. My only concern is we only have gravel, until you get to the farm yard, which is quite hard to pedal on with a mountain bike, so we’re going to have to time it for summer so he can learn on the grass in case he falls off.

  2. Another important milestone in childhood – his first bike. Lovely outdoor fun that would be great for my #CountryKids linky if you’d like to pop over and join in? #MagicMoments

  3. Ah, so pleased he has chosen a bike! Bud got his first bike for Christmas – a Thomas one which his Dad got for an absolute steal – and we’re also reviewing a balance bike. I’m hoping the combination of the two will get him going soon.

  4. Oh my goodness Mary how exciting! It must have been the best thing after waiting to see him choose a bike and take to it with such gusto. A gorgeous day for it too by the sounds and looks of things. He looks so comfortable on it too. Fabulous post, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

  5. I’m so pleased, I know how much you’ve wanted to get him a bike 🙂 Fantastic post! #WhatstheStory

  6. Go Monkey! I can’t remember what my first bike was like but I always wanted one with a little basket on the front.

  7. Ooooh how lovely, and what a very strong willed little boy…he certainly knows what he wants…so cute x What an amazing milestone x #magicmoment

  8. Oh how lovely that he is ready to start learning the art and about the world of riding a bike! #CountryKids

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