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First day at School

So it’s here, Monkey’s first day at school.  I’ve been in denial for most of the holidays since he broke up from the Nursery Class.  But the last week, it’s started to sink in.  My boy is nearly 5, he’s off to school, full-time, 5 days a week.  I’m going to be getting him when he’s grumpy and tired and not at his cheeky best.  I’m going to be having my lunch alone, without my little buddy constantly asking for cheese sandwiches.  Yes, I am going to miss him. My little, shy, reserved little boy is going to school.  He isn’t looking forward to it at the moment.  That fills me with worry.  The last few nights he’s woken up from bad dreams.  I’m sure it’s all to do with his first day at school.

So Monkey today is your first day at school.  today you join Miss P’s class in Reception.  I can guarantee that in 20 years time you won’t remember it.  But right now I know it’s epic.  I know you want to be at home with Teddy and me (almost certainly in that order); but I also know once you see your mate G you will be ok.

I’m honestly not sure if you will cry today, I almost certainly will, when I get back to an empty house.  I’m pretty sure you won’t want to let go of my hand, although I hope I’m wrong.

I hope you remember to go to the toilet.  You really can’t keep everything in ALL day!  I really, really hope that you try your school dinner.  You may eat the veggie sausages, I wonder what will happen if they are covered in gravy!?  Will you eat either of the potato options?  I very much doubt it.  You’ll love the frozen strawberry yogurt for pudding. Will you spend your first day at school starving hungry?

Will you like your teacher?  I hope so.  I can remember all of my teachers and my headmasters.  I remember most of them fondly, well, all except Mrs Copse, but I don’t think anyone would remember her fondly.  I know you love your Key Worker, so I’m sure she’ll hold your hand when you are unsure.  I hope you will be happy.  I hope you will make more friends, may be get a little braver, may be even a little more confident. But really, please just be happy.

I wonder how your friendships will progress and develop.  I hope you have a friend who will be a firm friend for the rest of your school career.  I hope you will be happy.

On your first day at school, you’ll be in a new class.  You are lucky, you already know the school, the teachers and most of the children in your class.  I’m so glad we moved you when we did.  It was the right thing for you.   I hope you will be nice to the children who know no one.  You, more than most, know how hard it can be to be in a new environment.  I hope you will share!

I will be thinking of you every minute of today, it will be the longest day, after a wonderful summer spent having fun with my cheeky Monkey.  I honestly hope that you don’t spend every minute thinking of me.  I hope you are fine, I hope you are running around having fun, and listening when you are meant to be.  I hope that at 3.15 you come running out with a smile on your face.  I hope that you will be happy.

I hope you enjoy your first day at school.  I hope that you want to go back tomorrow!! I just want you to be happy.

First day at School

23 thoughts on “First day at School

  1. It’s definitely the extra things you worry about….food and toilet. I hope they don’t serve veggie sausages ag N’s school. They’re one of the only thjngs he won’t eat.

    Hope it goes well

    1. I have no idea what he ate, I didn’t tell him they were veggie sausages but he probably wouldn’t have eaten roast beef and doesn’t eat potatoes. No accidents and he wants to go back. Me, hated today!

  2. Hope it goes well. I can’t believe they are straight in for the full day! Ours only go until 12pm the first two weeks LOL.

    1. I think because he’s already been in the nursery class there and I’d paid for him to do a couple of full days each week from June he was ready for full days at school. But don’t think they had an option to not do that here. At least they are in it together.

  3. The morning sounded like a promising start-hope you’re not feeling too lost right now. And Monkey will be fine-it seems big right now but school is just a fraction of their lives. He has a loving home and that’s what matters most xx

  4. I hope he has had a good day. B was a little nervous at starting year 1 today, but I left her looking after a new girl in her class (just as someone looked after her a year a go).

  5. Ahhh I’ve just read this and was really wishing you both had a good day. It sound’s like Monkey did, but did you? 🙂 xx

    1. He had a good day, I hated every minute of it today. I hadn’t really planned my day out and just felt lost if I’m totally honest. I know I’m not having another little Monkey, it’s the end of an era and I haven’t planned what I’m doing next. It hit me harder than I expected, so apple turnovers were in order to cheer myself up.

      1. Awww sending virtual hugs. Hope you find something to occupy your monkey-free time soon. I’ll be exactly the same when my boy starts school. That’s why I love your blog because you’ve been through all the things I’m experiencing. I get lots of reassurance that my boy wont be shy and quiet forever it just takes time 🙂 xx

        1. Oh bless you, thank you. Do you know, these last 6 months Monkey has come out of himself in so many ways. Still a long way to go compared to a lot of nearly 5 year olds, but I’m so proud of him. He did so well today. I’ve been so wrapped up with making sure he is ok, I’ve not really given me and my thoughts a thought! I have some things I want to do with the blog and some DIY I want to do, but a part time job is probably something I need to think about for my sanity 🙂

  6. What a lovely post. I honestly think us Mum’s find the letting go harder than our children. I hated that first day of school and, if I’m being perfectly honest, found the whole reception year difficult as I struggled to let go of my little boy. I hope Monkey had a great first day and you managed to enjoy some peace and quiet xx

    1. He did really well and wants to go back tomorrow. I hated it Tami, I wasn’t expecting it to hit me this badly tbh. He did some full days from June in Nursery but this seems so final. I should have filled my day up with stuff to do. Tomorrow is all out writing!

  7. Today was also little T’s first day in school! Hope all went well for your little monkey 🙂 #loudnproud.

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