First School Disco

First School Disco

So last Friday saw Monkey go to his first School Disco.  Since Christmas he’s started ‘dancing’ at home and loves listening to music (preferably without lyrics).  So when the tickets went on a sale for his first School Disco a while ago, I asked him if he wanted to go.  He wasn’t sure.

I decided to buy a ticket anyway.  All helps with the school fund after all.  As Monkey is not great with loud noises I was slightly apprehensive.  It hadn’t crossed my mind that I wouldn’t be staying with him, until one of my friends mentioned they’d dropped their child off for their disco.

Uum, how was that going to work?  Monkey was already unhappy that Daddy P didn’t have a ticket.  I double checked, no, there’s no need for you to stay.  He’ll be fine, he dances in the school hall all the time.  Uuum, I know Monkey, I’d be surprised if it’s that easy.

First School DiscoSo as Monkey practiced his groovy moves in the kitchen, I told him that as I didn’t have an invitation I might not be staying with him for his first school disco.  Why not!! Well, it’s like going to school, but just in the afternoon.  I want you to come with me!  Ok, well, we’ll see.

I wanted Monkey to enjoy himself, I wanted him to let go, and have fun with his class mates.  But I wanted him to be happy.  We arrived and went into the hall, all the other parents/carers were dropping their charges off and running for the door.  Monkey held on to me tightly.  Mummy you are not going, you must stay!  Well I’ll stay for a little bit.  His head teacher tried to take his hand, his key workers tried to persuade him to go with them.  He was having none of it.  He wasn’t upset, he just knew it was a different situation, he wasn’t totally confident.  He just wanted me there.  He wanted to be there – that was the most important thing.

So we started with me having to carry him in my arms – no mean feat – he is not exactly small for his age!  We danced around together like that.  He loved it.  Slowly, we got him on his feet, but tightly holding onto my hands.  Dance Mummy, dance.

Eventually, I got him dancing next to me.  He was having a lovely time.  We played musical bumps, he won a prize. Before we knew it Monkey’s first School Disco was over.  He got a goodie bag on the way out, and was full of it, all the way home.

My little, shy, introvert, had been to his first School Disco.  Ok, so his Mum went too, but he enjoyed himself.  It’s the first time he’s ever danced at a party at all.  Maybe next year he’ll go running in with his friends and not give me a second glance.  I hope so, but for now I’m just pleased that he had a good time, on his terms.  One small step onto the dance floor!

16 thoughts on “First School Disco

  1. Oh bless him! Well done to him for enjoying it so much and next time it won’t be so new so hopefully he’ll be more confident. But either way he enjoys it which is the most important thing 🙂 xx #SSAA

  2. I went to 6yo’s first school disco, but managed to go as a helper to hand out the drinks etc. Glad he had a nice time

  3. all the parents stay for the first school disco, I remember it well. Since then mine doesn’t go as they are on a Friday and Fencing is usually the chosen activity! Looks like Monkey enjoyed it and hope he will have may more fun dancing sessions maybe without Mum!

  4. A school disco?! I’m sure they only had these for the older years when I went to school, how the times have changed. Now I sound like my mum! I’m so glad they let you stay and it helped monkey with the new situation. I’m so glad he enjoyed it and can’t wait to see how he gets on at the next one.

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