Five weeks on

Five weeks on – #GetGoodSummer

So I’m now five weeks in to my #GetGoodSummer challenge. Aargh – not quite going to plan, but we have been busy.

1. Swimming a length

I had a great lesson Friday before last.  Things came together really well and I was really looking forward to last Friday’s lesson.  Then the car broke down on the way back from Sussex Friday evening and Monkey and I didn’t get home until gone 9pm – all plans out the window.  I’m back on the case tomorrow night.

2. Quality time with Monkey

We’ve been spending lots of quality time together now the holidays are in full swing. Last week saw us spending time with my blogging friend Tina from The Soup Dragon Says, down in Sussex.  We spent Thursday evening on the beach and Monkey just loved it.

Five weeks on

On Friday we went to Arundel Castle to watch the Jousting which was amazing – more on that on Saturday’s #CountryKids post.

Five weeks on

This week has been all about fun with friends, old and new which has been wonderful and we’re off to CBeebies Land on Saturday.

3. Cross stitch – Monkey’s Christmas Stocking.

This is progressing well.

Five weeks on

Since I took this photo on 29th I’ve started to add Monkey’s name and have reached the darker blue at the top of the stocking.  Not too many hours more full stitching before I can begin all the detailing which also takes ages.  This won’t be finished in the next three weeks but I am determined it will be in use this Christmas!

4. The Be Simply Great Challenge

I’m doing ok with this but where the plan asks you to do a mixture of walking and jogging, I’m sticking with walking.  Jogging causes problems with my knees and I can’t afford to be out of action.  So I’m going from leisurely to brisk pace walking instead.  Got to remember to do my press ups – this is a time issue really.  By the time I remember in the evening, I’m shattered.  Must try harder.

5. Memories photo album for Monkey

I’ve failed to buy the album for this in preparation for having my computer back later in August. Will try to buy one next week but Daddy P is taking a week off so we’ll probably be busy doing other things.

So five weeks on and there are areas that are going well and others that have clearly not got off the ground yet.  As I said, Daddy P is off next week so blogging will be significantly reduced so I’m likely to update progress until week 9.

2 thoughts on “Five weeks on – #GetGoodSummer

  1. Sounds like pogress is being made Mary! Love the stocking, and congrats on learning to swim. Your days out sound fab. Hope CBeebies Land is fun tomorrow 🙂 #getgoodsummer

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