Flying Through the Air

Flying through the air

I’m linking this post up with Magic Moments and Small Steps Amazing Achievements as my son has shown another step forward with his bravery levels this week.  Friday saw another leap as I saw Monkey flying through the air.

He loves swings, as do I.  I grew up with a swing at the bottom of our garden and we bought him a metal-framed swing when he was a baby.  It was one of those swings that can be extended and the seat changed from a baby to a child seat so it could grow with him.  Well by this Spring there was no way he was fitting in the baby seat any more, so we extended the swing and changed the seat over.  The only problem being that he wasn’t quite tall enough to get on the seat by himself – he wouldn’t use it 🙁

I’ve spent all the months since, trying to get him to use his swing with my help – no Mummy, trying to get him to go on the ‘big’ swings whenever we go to a park – no Mummy.  He’s just way too heavy now to get into a baby seat at the park.  My back’s been playing up for a couple of weeks and he wasn’t happy when I said I couldn’t/can’t lift him into and out of, the swing seat at Beale Park a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway, on Friday last week we were in the garden, all of a sudden he came up to me, Mummy you have a bad back but I want to sit on my swing, please.  Ok, I can hold the swing seat steady so you can get on it – ok Mummy.

Well, he got on it, and spent the next half hour in fits of laughter – he loved it.  He did keep forgetting to keep his hands on the ropes, but didn’t seem to be bothered when he fell off!

My little boy, flying through the air! Enjoying himself, growing up, having fun, making me laugh, making me proud.  One happy Mummy Magic Moment, One little boy Small Step Amazing Achievement 🙂


14 thoughts on “Flying through the air

  1. what a clever and kind boy bet your glad he did it himself a boy that can meet a challenge and he sounds like he had a ball

  2. Oh how lovely – growing up and so considerate of you and your back hurting too. But you were very proud.

  3. Such a lovely post, well done monkey, this really was your summer of being brave. It’s so nice to hear he is finally getting the use out of his ‘big’ swing.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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