Fraser Bear's Snow Story

Fraser Bear’s Snow Story – Monkey’s ending

Monkey has been set a challenge by House of Fraser in the run up to Christmas.  He has been asked to help finish Fraser Bear’s Snow Story as part of a campaign to highlight their Toys department.

Now Monkey loves listening to stories and we often have long discussions about what, why and when. I wondered what would happen in this instance.  I read him the start of Fraser Bear’s Snow Story where Fraser Bear has drawn a Christmas picture with snow falling from the sky, his little brother Baby Bear is all confused as he doesn’t know what snow is.

Fraser Bear tries to explain to Baby Bear what snow looks and feels like but he just doesn’t understand.  How would you explain it to Baby Bear, Monkey?

I reminded Monkey of the first time he saw snow and we got some old photographs out.

Fraser Bear's Snow Story

Maybe you were the same age as Baby Bear when you first saw snow Monkey?  This was just after your first birthday. Can you remember this Monkey?  No Mummy. You were amazed and puzzled, it was wonderful for Mummy to see your expression.

Ok, well do you remember last year when you had snow ball fights with Daddy, built a snowman and went sledging?

Fraser Bear's Snow Story

Yes Mummy, that was fun!  I made Daddy go really fast with my sledge. Ok so how would you describe snow to Baby Bear then?

Mummy, snow is really fun and cold and you make a snowman and then it melts and it goes away. When it snows we can see where Brewster goes in the garden, that’s funny too. Mummy snow is crunchy sometimes and soft.  Mummy does Baby Bear make cakes? Uum, I’m not sure Monkey, why? Snow is like flour Mummy!  An explanation from a nearly 5 year old Monkey.

Fraser Bear's Snow Story

So there you have it Baby Bear – snow is fun, cold, melts, crunchy, soft and is like flour! I’m not sure Monkey’s explanation will have been any clearer than Fraser Bear’s but I do know that Baby Bear will be amazed the first time he sees snow for real.

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2 thoughts on “Fraser Bear’s Snow Story – Monkey’s ending

  1. Ah, so sweet.

    N hasn’t wanted to try this, so I’ve had to give up with the idea. Big fail, but you never know with a 3 year old! I thought he might have drawn something, but he’s not been well most of the week.

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