Frosted Berries - My Sunday Photo 290117

Frosted Berries – My Sunday Photo 290117

I’m terrible for not taking my phone with me when Monkey and I walk to school, it’s literally a 5 minute walk, and most days I forget and leave it at home.  But I’m trying to remember when we have a frost or fog on these cold January days, so I can snatch a moment of the day on my way home.  There’s an unloved bush in a nearby garden, most days you’d pass it by without a backwards glance.  But when Jack Frost has paid a visit over night, it’s a different thing all together, and I can’t help but stop and snap away.  One day I’ll run back with my DSLR. Frosted Berries – My Sunday Photo 290117.

Frosted Berries - My Sunday Photo 290117

The berries look as if they’ve been sprinkled with icing sugar don’t they?  I wonder how much longer it will be before a blackbird discovers this little bounty.


16 thoughts on “Frosted Berries – My Sunday Photo 290117

  1. I linked up a frosty photo this week too – unfortunately we found out later that ours was “industrial snow” from air pollution rather than natural snow/frost. Hope you got the cleaner variety ! #MySundayphoto

  2. Lovely pic. We’ve almost been late for school because I got caught up taking photos, maybe I should leave mine at home 🙂 #MySundayPhoto

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