fun in the garden on a winters day

Fun in the garden on a winters day #CountryKids

Monkey has been so tired after a week at school that for the last few Saturday’s we’ve spent the day chilling out at home.  Sunday’s have been spent with friends, but again all of our activities have been indoors.  Last Saturday Monkey and I decided it was time to get a bit of fresh air and we had some Fun in the garden on a winter’s day.

Could we find any signs of life on a cold January day?  We spotted a few snowdrops (I really need to plant more for next year – I say this EVERY year!).

Fun in the garden on a winters day

We spotted a snail’s shell – we weren’t too sure if the snail had been someone’s lunch!

Fun in the garden on a winters day

We discovered some moss that had mysteriously appeared on our garden table.

Fun in the garden on a winters day

We spotted signs of new life, buds!

Fun in the garden on a winters day

We were having fun in the garden on a winter’s day, having a bit of a nature hunt.

Then it was time to set our Grapefruit bug traps – would we stand any chance of having  visitors in the freezing weather?

fun in the garden on a winters day

fun in the garden on a winters day

After my little bug hunter had finished placing his traps it was time for a different sort of fun in the garden on a winter’s day! The swing was calling!

fun in the garden on a winters day

It wasn’t long before there were shrieks of laughter and when he’d got fed up of swinging himself, Mummy, push me!

Simple pleasures that took me back to my own childhood, and my blue swing at the bottom of my garden.  My little world.  I loved sitting on my swing and it looks as if Monkey does too.  He was quite happy swinging back and forth, chatting away.

fun in the garden on a winters day

Then of course he needed to let off a bit of steam, so a quick run around the lawn was required with some stray soft balls.

fun in the garden on a winters day

Before it was time to head indoors for a steaming cup of hot chocolate.  We hadn’t spent a penny, but we’d had lots of fun right in our own back yard!

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32 thoughts on “Fun in the garden on a winters day #CountryKids

  1. Sometimes it’s the simple times like this that are the best. I love watching my three play in the back garden, whether they’re together or just messing around on their own. Looks like you found lots of interesting things to do 🙂

  2. Always nice when you can just get out in the garden. N’s been out in ours today but merely driving the gator round, not doing much else!

  3. I remember spending hours on my garden swing too, such a great investment. I love that you have tried out the Grapefruit trap, do let me know if you discover any bugs hiding in there. Thank you for sharing a perfect garden hour with lovely photos on Country Kids.

  4. Yes, I too loved our garden swing. Although I suspect it was quite dangerous because one of my favourite things to do was to swing as high as I could and see how far I could lift the pegs keeping it down! He looks like he had a great time-sometimes that’s all you really need isn’t it, some quality time in the back garden 🙂

  5. What a lovely idea!! Very often the littlies are more than happy to stay at home aren’t they? Their imaginations are so enormous that they can find fun in the smallest of things. Brilliant news that you spotted some snowdrops too!! Definitely a sign that spring is just around the corner!! #countrykids

  6. I know what you mean about being too cold to go too far – this week mine have asked to stay indoors too!
    I love your sentence “my little world” – and that’s what our gardens are. Its so easy to take for granted our own little garden. And the first signs of spring are always a good sign.

  7. Now I’m dying to know if Monkey managed to trap anything in the grapefruit in this weather!! Fabulous close up shots in your garden.

  8. Looks like lots of fun was had in your garden, fantastic photos too. It is amazing what entertainment can be found for free.

  9. You can have loads of fun in your own back garden. I keep meaning to try the grapefruit traps. Looks like he had a great time.

  10. Oooh, I wonder if he found anything in his grapefruit trap. I think our gardens are underrated for outdoor fun, it certainly seems like Monkey appreciated his xx

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