Fun in the snow

Fun in the snow

I’ve had a bit of a disaster, my PC died on Thursday, it contains all of my digital photographs except for the last month. As we are rather skint at the moment there is no chance of repairing the PC or buying a new one any time soon.  This will make some linky’s rather tricky! Luckily I made a calendar with Truprint before Christmas and had created a folder of my favourite Monkey prints.  So I will use a couple of those today showing Monkey having fun in the snow.

Fun in the snow Fun in the snowThese photos were taken in January 2013, just before I started blogging, just before Monkey got chicken pox.  He was having so much fun with his Dad in the garden.  They made a snowman and then we all had a snowball fight. Having fun in the snow.

It was magical to watch Monkey explore the snow, he’d not been too bothered with it before.  But there he was telling his Daddy to build the snowman bigger, bigger Daddy!!

I remember this time, it was wonderful, there are photos on the dead PC of Monkey and Daddy sledging up and down our road.  I can still hear the shrieks of laughter as Monkey was pulled along.  Look Mummy, look!

I wonder when we’ll get hit with the white stuff this year?  Know my luck it will be at the end of this month when I’m trying to fly to Spain.  We had that in December 2010, trying to get to Granny and Gramps for Christmas, driving up the motorway at 3am, taking forever, feeling scared.  Sitting at the airport for hours, flight being cancelled.  Calls to Spain in tears, will we get to them for Christmas?  Will Monkey have his first Spanish Christmas?  We got there in the end, I’d rather we didn’t have the same problems trying to celebrate Mum’s 70th!  We will see.

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21 thoughts on “Fun in the snow

  1. Oh no what a disaster with your laptop! Hope you get it sorted soon. Great photos though, it’s hard to think this time last year we had so much snow and this year none!

  2. Awww, my little boys are sad there’s been no snow as yet this year for us – they’re used to snow at Christmas and in January, so this year has been very different for them! Fingers crossed all your travelling goes well 🙂

  3. oh no Mary what a nightmare re computer! this must be soul destroying!

    I must say i love the photos of monkey in the snow, he looks so so little!!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  4. Lovely photos. Personally, I’ve had enough of the snow this year… But it’s snowing again as I type!

  5. Aw, we would love some snow. I grew up seeing lots of snow living in the South East, but my children rarely see any being in the South West. I know they’d love it. Nightmare about your pc – hope you can recover your pictures.

  6. Your poor PC Mary, I hope you can get all your photos back. Love these ones of Monkey playing in the snow, just fabulous. Was kind of hoping for the white stuff but Spring appears to be on it’s way so I hope it doesn’t come now. Monkey looks adorable and it must have been great hearing those shrieks of laughter. Thank you for sharing with #whatsthestory

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