Get Good Summer

Get Good Summer – my list #getgoodsummer

I’m joining Clarina over at Clarina’s Contemplations this summer with her Get Good Summer linky.  She has asked us to come up with 5 things we’d like to achieve over the summer, we’ll then link back every week with our progress.  We have 10 weeks to achieve our goals.

Get Good Summer

So what can I achieve this summer?

1.  Can I actually swim a length of the swimming pool in the next 10 weeks?  I really don’t know, but I’m going to try my hardest.  Back to lessons on Friday night.

2. Monkey starts school in September.  I won’t lie, I’m dreading it on so many levels.  So I want to make sure we have at least one quality afternoon each week doing something together before the school holidays, no laptop, no TV, just me and my boy.  Once the holidays start this will be easier.  I want to enjoy our days together, I feel as if the clock is ticking and soon our time together will be so different.

3. Cross stitch!  I have a cross stitch Christmas stocking that I started for Monkey in 2010 – uum, I MUST finish it, I may have to have at least one night a week off blogging to do this, but I’ll give it a go.

4. I’m going to be taking part in the Simply Great Challenge, I can walk for England, but doing exercises …… well let’s see what I can achieve on that score!

5. I want to make up a Memories photo album for Monkey, of his family and friends and the special things we do.  I take hundreds of photos and I’m guilty of never printing them out.  Hopefully my best friend’s OH has retrieved all my photos from my now dead PC so I can sort them out in the holidays.  But I have some on the laptop to get me started.

Do you fancy joining in?  What would your 5 goals be? I do know, that to make time for some of these goals I’m going to need to step away from the laptop a little more – eek!

14 thoughts on “Get Good Summer – my list #getgoodsummer

  1. What a lovely idea. Good luck with all of your goals. My only goal this summer is going to be settling into our new/old house before E starts his new school!

  2. Good luck with all of those challenges. I sympathise with the looming school start date. I felt exactly the same when my little chap started. It’s a really bitter sweet experience, and it does change things at home. Looking on the bright side, however, it’s lovely to see them grow in confidence, master counting, reading and writing and integrate into a happy little community of friends, who will hopefully stay with them into adulthood. But you’re absolutely right to cherish the moment for now, and I wish you all the best come September. In many ways it’s a bigger challenge for mum than for the little man who’s starting out. All the best, Bonny

  3. What a good idea. Good luck with your swimming lessons! I too want to build albums for my children, but want to make it a family tree type thing too, probably as a wedding present for T in 2016, and as for W – well, it will be a while yet! He tells us he will get married in Vegas and tell us when he gets back! First he has to find a life partner though.

  4. good luck with swimming.
    im sure you be fine when monkey go to school. im having nap every afternoon when they in school. lol it was great!
    i wont be joining in cos i know i am terrible at working towards goal!

  5. Loving the sound of your goals, best of luck with the swimming and hope the lessons go well. Your no.3 reminded me I bought a an advent calendar to make for Monkey…. that I had completely forgotten about! We will see whether I manage that! 🙂 xx #getgoodsummer

  6. So glad to have you on board for #GetGoodSummer ! Love the variety of your goals… a little bit of everything; creative, exercise, emotional!! My big girly starts nursery class in September so will be out every morning 🙁 I feel a bit wobbly thinking about it, so am not even going there! Thanks for joining up! See you next Thursday! #GetGoodSummer

  7. I’m doing the Simply Great challenge too. Thankfully a lot of the things I already do in the first few weeks, but the later ones will be interesting, especially the more spiritual things.

    Poor N’s getting confused about school. As there’s so much talk at his nurseries and swimming about people going off to school, he thinks he’s going as well. I think he’s going to be disappointing when it really sinks in that he’s not going. It’ll be great for you and Monkey to have that set time once a week to do something special.

  8. Fab goals Mary, fitness seems high up on everyone’s list 🙂 You’ll get used to Monkey being at school, but it is hard. They just expect so much from them these days, right from the off… hope he gets on okay! Good luck with your list xx

  9. I did something similar last year when Meg was about to start school, it was a really nice way of making some memories and I stuck them all in a scrapbook for her. It was a really precious time. Good luck with your other goals too! #getgoodsummer

  10. I still haven’t done little man a scrapbook of his first year – maybe that will be part of mine. Oh and don’t worry about school – makes the holidays and weekends special x

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