Getting organised with Teacher Boards

Getting organised with TeacherBoards #AD

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I always considered myself to be really well organised.  with a job with customers often in completely different time zones, I had to be totally with it to get the job done.  As a parent, the whole idea of planning is taken to a totally different level.  I take my hat off to families with more than one child and two full time working away from home parents.  I have no idea how they do it and keep on top of everything.  I for one, need lists, lots of lists, lists on lists.  Then of course, said lists always go missing.  So the idea of getting organised with TeacherBoards is really appealing.

Getting organised with Teacher Boards

They have a wide range of notice boards which are perfect for the home as well as offices and schools.  In fact getting organised with TeacherBoards also offers you reassurance, as their notice boards are manufactured with a Sundeala core, making them fire resistant.  They adhere to British Standards fire regulations of Class D or Class B making them an ideal item to have in a kitchen.  I don’t know about you, but there’s where my notice board always lives.

Getting organised with Teacher Boards

As well as having great fire resistant properties, the notice boards are available in a range of colours, sizes and fabric options.  So not only are they a functional item to help anyone trying to stay organised, they can also compliment existing colour schemes in your home.  You all know that I’d be completely drawn towards a board in blue don’t you!  although, my kitchen has purple accessories, so I think I might actually go with that option instead.

I do like the colour idea, it would draw everyone’s attention to the board and all the importation information that’s kept there.  Which fire resistant notice board option would you pick?  Having a range of size options is also really useful.  Having a son in Year Four at school I seem to have a million and one things that need pinning to our board to remind us of where we need to go and when, tickets for the theatre and excursions, Cubs events, the list goes on.  A larger board is definitely the way forward for us.


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