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Anyone who visits my house will know how much I love glass.  I have a rather large display cabinet in my living room filled with memories, treasures, presents.  A LOT of them are glass.  It’s a passion I share with my Uncle, although his pieces are rather valuable, mine are affordable items I love.

I love stained glass windows, they remind me of my Papa who was a Vicar.  I can remember my first visit to Paris as a 12-year-old school girl, just staring up in awe at the beautiful windows in Notre Dame.  I love the colours in the light, the pictures, the history.  If I lived in an old house, I’d definitely have some stained glass somewhere!

I was given a number of pieces of glass for my 18th birthday.  My oldest friend bought me a tie light holder from Dartington Glass, which started off my Dartington collection.

GlassMy collection of glassware is precious to me, it’s moved a number of times, luckily without any breakages along the way.  I have presents from a customer in Sweden, presents for my 30th birthday, a memory of sitting in Raffles drinking Singapore Slings, Ferrari glasses from the Shell garage! So many items, too many to show in one post.

I have some real favourites.  As you all know my favourite colour is blue, I have a few pieces of blue glass, all vases.  This bud vase is very special.  It belonged to Daddy P’s mother, someone I never got to meet, but I fell in love with it the first time I saw it.  When Daddy P’s father passed away, it was given to me.


DSC00229Something to treasure and remember Monkey’s Granny by.

No collection of mine would be complete without cats now would it! The smallest cat here was a present from Poland, I’m not sure where the other two came from now, I’ve had them forever.

DSC00145 DSC00147 DSC00149So if someone says Glass to me – the word conjures up so many memories, people, places.  Old objects, new possessions, treasured items to be admired and protected from a rampaging Monkey at all costs!!!

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21 thoughts on “Glass – The Theme Game

  1. Very pretty pieces. So ornate! I also have a fascination with stained glass windows. In fact, I toyed with the idea of writing a story about that for #TheThemeGame this week!

  2. I love this, what a fabulous collection. That vase is beautiful as well as having lovely memories. And I’m clearly going to share your love of cat’s too 🙂 Really enjoyed seeing this peek into something so special to you. Thank you for sharing with #TheThemeGame

  3. A brilliant glass collection – this theme was just perfect for you, wasn’t it?! The memories they must all carry are very special, too. Is it all up high? That collection would not do so well in our house, with my pair…! I love stained glass, and I know just what you mean about Notre Dame -stunning. Thanks for sharing with #TheThemeGame x

  4. The cats are so cute!
    I think it’s things like this that make a house a home as every item can evoke memories and has it’s own story

  5. My aunty likes her glass. I have never taken such a liking to it, more for the fact I have no where to keep ornaments and I hate dusting

  6. What an amazing collection! It’s funny being overseas, all our ornamental ‘stuff’ is in boxes in our attic in Edinburgh. Seeing this post makes me feel slightly sad that we have none of it with us. #TheThemeGame

  7. Thanks for sharing your lovely collection with us all 🙂 it’s nice you have lots of pieces that represent lots of different people, to cherish x #thethemegame

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