A glimpse of Copenhagen #whatsthestory

A glimpse of Copenhagen #whatsthestory

Before Monkey was born I worked in Export, from admin to shipping, business development and sales.  Over 20 years, I’d covered it all from companies selling fire alarms, emergency lighting, soaps and general high-end toiletries through to plastic components for all sorts of industries.  I loved the variation the job gave me, and it fed my desire to learn more about the world we live in.  I miss meeting people from all over the world.  I had some great customers over the years and made many friends along the way.

People would always say, it must be great to travel around.  Uuum, in most cases I would go from an airport, to a meeting, to a hotel, to a restaurant, back to the hotel, to a meeting, exhibition, meeting and repeat.  It wasn’t often that I actually got to see much of anywhere I visited.  My biggest regret was never having that time to explore a little bit more .  The traveller in me yearned for it!  But time was never on my side when it came to work.

I used to visit our Danish distributor and was lucky enough to be invited to stay with him in his house, in rural Denmark during one of my stays.  It was so much nicer than staying in a hotel, we got on very well and had known each other for a long time.  I loved being out in the countryside, away from high-rise buildings, it would have been wonderful to have had time to go for a long walk.

I had, for once, in September 2007, some time to spare before my flight home.  So we took a detour and I got a glimpse of Copenhagen, and we went for lunch in the famous Tivoli Gardens.

A glimpse of Copenhagen

It was a lovely place to spent a little time, watching the world go by.  Seeing somewhere I’d heard of as a child and actually being there.  Sadly no time to take in a ride, but at least nice to get a glimpse of Copenhagen.

There are so many places I want to explore with Monkey in the years ahead, Denmark is definitely one of them; especially with Legoland too.  One day I would like to get more than just a glimpse of Copenhagen.  I’d like to wander the streets and get lost, that’s my favourite way of exploring!  I have seen the Little Mermaid before, but it was the middle of winter when I did, absolutely freezing and late in the day.  Not the perfect time to admire another memory from my childhood.

So looking through old photographs has brought back a memory, a glimpse of Copenhagen.  I will return!

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10 thoughts on “A glimpse of Copenhagen #whatsthestory

  1. Funnily enough Denmark and Copenhagen are on my list to visit as well. I almost got there once (long story) but never quite made it. I can imagine how tempting it must be to get out and see more when you’re travelling for work.

  2. This is somewhere I have never been but certainly somewhere to add to the list of possible’s as it looks beautiful.

  3. It sounds like the city made a real impact on you and i hope you do get to return with Monkey. It is not somewhere i have ever been, thanks for putting it on the radar for me too. #Whatsthestory

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