Glossing doors and painting walls

Glossing doors and painting walls

I’m a little behind with my decorating update with the events of last week.  But the week before last I was busy glossing doors and painting walls.  One was a dream, and the other was so incredibly slow!  Can you guess which was which?  When I started to gloss the skirting boards, stairs and door frames, I had no idea how yellow our doors were looking.  It’s actually quite scary, especially as no-one has ever smoked in the house.

Glossing doors and painting walls6

It was time to open up the gloss paint again and get cracking, after the normal prep work. I’ve never had to paint doors before and was so conscious of making sure I didn’t get any runs as I painted each section.

Glossing doors and painting walls

Glossing three doors or both sides seemed to take forever, or certainly one school day period.  Then it was a case of keeping Monkey away from them so they could dry properly.

The difference when they were finished was clear to see.

Glossing doors and painting walls

While the glossing was drying I decided to crack on with painting the walls.  With an ultra conservative Daddy P, sticking with Magnolia emulsion throughout is the only way forward.  So roller in hand I painted the cloakroom, hall way, and living room.

All of the window returns here had been painted in magnolia previously, but I thought it might help bring some light into our dark house by using while instead.  A quick trip to the local DIY store and I was on the case, all windows and around the patio doors changed.  I actually need to give it another coat, so that’s a job for this week.

Glossing doors and painting walls

As I was painting away, the week before last, I suddenly had a little brainwave.  I’ve never liked the wooden toilet roll and towel holders.  Light bulb moment!  I used the primer I’d bought for the staircase and covered them both, then once that had dried, two coats and white gloss and they look so much better.  Well, in my opinion anyway.  Waste not want not and all that.

I’d bought the radiator paint, roller etc and was all ready to get those painted too, when I checked the instructions. The heating would need to be off for at least 24 hours.  Anyone who knows me, knows that that’s never going to happen at this time of year with me in the house, as I get so cold.  I was a little gutted, but that’s a job that will have to wait a few months.

So my glossing doors and painting walls project moved to the walls around the staircase leading upstairs and the emulsion roller was back out and the walls were painted on both sides up to the top of the landing upstairs.

Glossing doors and painting walls

I’m so pleased with the results.  It’s not perfect, but it’s all my own work.  It’s been tiring but it’s spurred me on to move onto the kitchen in the coming weeks and freshen that up too.  Then there’s upstairs but I really can’t tackle that until I’ve cleared a lot of clutter.  That’s a job for the future.

As I’d come to the end of my glossing doors and painting walls, the quotes came back from the carpet fitters.  We’ve decided on flooring in the hallway and cloakroom and carpet in the living room.  We’d gone to sort it out on our way back from a meal out on the Sunday before last, but they’d shut early.

Then the week didn’t quite to plan with Mum getting ill, and sorting dates with the fitters was the least of my worries. So that’s a job for this week.

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