Goodbye little red car

Goodbye little red car – beep beep #TheThemeGame

This post goes back to March last year and is one of the first posts I shared on the blog, this post always reminds me of how much my son has grown up. ย I’m linking this post up to The Theme Game this week, with Redpeffer and The Reading Residence, two lovely bloggers who I got to finally meet last month at Blog Camp. ย This week the theme is children, well I only have one, but I’ve learnt how emotionally attached you can get to the things your children love. Items that are part of their journey through life.


We said goodbye to my son’s first sit-on car last week.ย  I got rather emotional ๐Ÿ™ Goodbye, little red car.

When he was Christened at 6 months, we were given some Mothercare vouchers and decided to buy him a sit-on car.ย  We found an excellent one, it started as a rocker and as he grew you could add/remove parts until he was old enough to not need straps or safety bars.ย  Sadly, they don’t appear to sell it anymore; but it now seems to be stocked by Argos in a different colour and branded as Chicco.

I can honestly say that it really was money well spent.ย  I don’t think a day passed in two and a half years when that car wasn’t used.ย  He absolutely loved it from the moment we unpacked it, and if he wasn’t on the tall side for a 3-year-old, we’d still have it now.ย  Although it was well used, it was in pretty amazing condition when we said goodbye.

I got used to being run over, our geriatric cats put up with being chased by him on it and our new kitten thought it was great to try to hitch a ride.ย  I’ve watched my baby turn into a little boy on that car and am rather sad that he has outgrown it.

I take hundreds of photographs of my son; I love taking photos anyway, but as his grandparents live in Spain I’ve had an extra reason to record his every move.ย  So, I thought I’d look through all my photos from his as a six-month-old right through to a 3-year-old and show his ‘journey be car’…….

freddie's carMy son’s little red car has now gone to a new home and a lucky little girl will be unwrapping it for her birthday shortly.ย  I hope that she and her family love it as much as we did.ย  Goodbye little red car x

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17 thoughts on “Goodbye little red car – beep beep #TheThemeGame

  1. So sad when you have to part with these things isn’t it, I still have lots of Little Mr A’s things cluttering up the loft and garage that I just can’t bear to part with! Lovely photos though, so wonderful to see how he has grown!

  2. I know, it took me ages to let that car go, but as his birthday and Christmas were only a few weeks apart and he had so many new toys, it was time to let it go. There are a few smaller things that I just can’t let go, but he now has a big digger for the garden that lives in the garage rather than the living room – so much better all round ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I get sad and sentimental when my children grow out of things. I wasn’t too bad with Boo, as we planned to have another child, so it was all stored away, but now with Little Man, I’ve seen things go through both my babies, and now need to pass them on, and it makes me really sad! I know they’re just ‘things’ but it’s the memories you have attached to them and the reminder that they’re growing up, I think. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post with #TheThemeGame, and it was fabulous to meet you, too ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Aw toot toot! It IS heart-wrenching when we say goodbye to their treasured possessions but also exciting for the next ones, I think.

  5. Wow you really got your money’s worth out of that car! Sad to see it go but happy to know that it will make another person’s childhood just that little bit special too ๐Ÿ™‚ #TheThemeGame

  6. We had that car too! My daughter loved it. My son got to use it too, although I suspect ours wasn’t in such a great condition as yours by the end. I know exactly what you mean about objects signifying so much more-funny how we attach so much to them but it’s the memories they prompt isn’t it. Thank you so much for sharing with #TheThemeGame

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