Goodbye Summer Hello Year Three

Goodbye Summer Hello Year Three

Wow, where did the holidays go?  It only seems five minutes ago I was picking my son up from his last day in Year Two.  Now its goodbye Summer hello Year Three as my 7 year old cheeky Monkey goes back to school today. We’ve had such a wonderful summer holiday together, made lots of wonderful memories and spent time with family and friends.

Our time in Spain seems so long ago already.  But we got to spend ten lovely days with my parents.  Monkey got some wonderful one on one time with his grandparents and I got time to chill out with a good book or two.  He tried tapas and had the best meal ever (apparently).  There was fun to be had in the local swimming pool and a first crush with the lovely Penelope, who has still stolen his heart.  Clearly he fancies himself as a toy boy.

He got his Countryfile Live programme signed by Ellie Harrison which made his day and he sat in a harvesting machine.  Oh what a change from the event last year.  We met NCT friends at a local soft play and he was off having fun without a backwards glance, leaving us all rather speechless. Monkey is often terribly shy when he sees his cousin, but an afternoon spent with two of them, saw him chatting for England and playing with their dog.  We all got to meet some Canadian relatives for the first time and within half an hour Monkey was chatting away to them, as if he’d known them forever.  All amazing steps forward.

Goodbye Summer Hello Year Three as we also say goodbye to chilled out days at home.  I was so much better at not filling up every single day of the holidays with activities away from home.  The time at home together was just the best, no alarm clocks, nowhere to be, no one to meet.  Just me and my son, just seeing how each day panned out. I’ll be making sure we do more of that next summer too.  It’s all too easy to say yes to everything and spend all the summer driving from one corner of the country to another.

But we’ve had some awesome days out and spent time with lovely friends.  Two trips to London and the theatre, a few days staying with my best friend and lots of memories made as we prepared to say goodbye Summer Hello Year Three.  We’ve seen steams trains for real and made of Lego, we’ve been to the zoo and walked around museums and art galleries.  We’ve had a ball.

Goodbye Summer Hello Year Three as we start a new chapter at school.  A new teacher, new TA and a new class room.  A move up to Key Stage Two.  We are as ready as we’ll ever be and I have no idea how quickly Monkey will settle in or how he’s going to cope with these changes.  He doesn’t want to go to school, but that’s nothing unusual. We’ve had that discussion every day from day one.  I’ve not mentioned school over the summer holidays unless he’s brought it up.  We got everything ready for school on Monday and had his hair cut yesterday, he’s homework is done and we’re ready to face Year Three.  I hope it’s a smooth journey.  Time will tell.

Goodbye Summer Hello Year Three


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  1. Hope it goes ok.

    N’s went fine, although he seems to be sitting with Year 1s instead of year 2s which I’m not pleased about after him basically being away from friends in his year last year. Oh and he supposedly has to talk about his favourite 5 things he’s taken in today. Wonder if he will talk or just stand there

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