Half price Varifocals at Vision Express in February – AD paid partnership

Half price Varifocals at Vision Express in February – AD paid partnership

disclosure:  this is a paid partnership with Vision Express

From a young age my parents always drilled in to me the importance of caring for my health, including my eyesight.  I’ve always had regular eye tests over the years and have work either glasses or contact lenses for over twenty-five years now.  I’ll be fifty one in two months time, and I’ve been wearing varifocals for a few years now.  You may recall that I got my current pair of glasses just over a year ago.  I’ve been really pleased with them and wanted to share an offer that I’ve made aware of that you might be able to make good use of. There are half price Varifocals at Vision Express in February, up until the 26th in fact.

Half price Varifocals at Vision Express in February

I know from experience just how important it is to take your eye sight seriously, and keep up with your eye checks.  Certainly as I’ve got older I’ve seen a real change in my vision.  Having varifocals has really helped me to still enjoy hobbies such as reading and cross stitch without putting a strain on my eyes.  It’s so much easier too to have one pair of glasses that copes with close up detailed work, screen time and driving.  These glasses have given me the confidence to continue to enjoy life to the full, whilst ensuring my eyesight is properly catered for.

Eye tests aren’t just about checking your vision these days either, they also check the health of your eyes, also very important for me, as the granddaughter of a glaucoma sufferer.

I’d be the first to admit that when varifocals were first mentioned to me, I envisaged something my Granny would have worn in the 1970’s and I wasn’t keen.  But life has moved on in so many ways, and these days there are a whole host of fashionable frames available at Vision Express that cater for those of us that need varifocal lenses.

Whether you like aviator styles or cats eyes, ovals or squares, there will be a style for you, and in a variety of colour options too.

With the half price Varifocals at Vision Express in February offer, you can really grab a bargain, whether you’re choosing from the Essential range or top of the range lenses.  The varifocal lenses are also scratch resistant, and mine look as good as new over a year on.

To find out more about varifocals, book an Eye Test or visit your local Vision Express store https://www.visionexpress.com/book-eye-test/. Please be aware that this promotion runs until 26/02/19 and a prescription is required.

disclosure: this is a paid partnership with Vision Express

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