Happy 5th Birthday Monkey!

Happy 5th Birthday Monkey!

I can’t quite believe I’m writing this – Happy 5th Birthday Monkey! How is my baby 5 already?? Today is a special day across the family as my niece is also 18, which seems even harder to believe.

5 years ago today, I realised that my birth plan of no drugs and a nice, tranquil delivery just wasn’t going to happen.  You had a bumpy arrival into this world little Monkey. We had to wait some time for our first proper cuddles, but boy have we made up for it since.

Happy 5th Birthday Monkey!So what have you done in this last year young man?

You made a friend, your first proper school friend.  You and G have been best friends since you met in Nursery last year.  You’ve held hands and helped each other through last year and this year.  You’ve started Reception together, still the best of friends, still there to make each other smile.  It’s been lovely to see that friendship develop; wonderful to see you let someone else into your little world.  Yes, I will buy a blow up mattress so you guys can have the sleepover you’ve been asking me to host.  I can’t wait to see it happen.

Starting school we’ve seen so many changes in you Monkey.  You’ve grasped reading with both hands and just run with it since September.  You will never know how truly wonderful it feels to watch you read to me.  Magical moments.

Ok, so writing is still something to work on, but you’re trying and hey, it’s you.  You do things when you’re good and ready.  Pedalling your bike – yep, we really do need to get back to trying that don’t we!

Swimming, you can do it, you just need to believe it.  You’re getting there, and I am so proud of you for trying and so thankful that you don’t have the terror that I felt at your age.

Your confidence is growing; slowly, but I can see the difference.  A trip to Spain, with total strangers, doing totally different things, late nights and strange food – none of it phased you at all.  There was Mummy having sleepless nights worrying if I was being selfish in taking you, and you were immense.  You made another friend, you tried new things and you loved every moment.  It was amazing to watch the glee on your face.

Happy 5th Birthday Monkey!

We’ve been so lucky to be invited to some wonderful events in the last year.  There have been so many highlights.  You loved Lollibop, we will be back next year.  Legoland was a big hit again, as was Thomasland.  But seeing your face when you discovered Postman Pat at CBeebiesland will stay with me for a long time.

We’ve been to nature reserves and stately homes, fossil hunting in Devon and climbing light houses in Kent.  You love nature, it’s within you and it’s been wonderful watching you explore the natural world around you. Trains, there have been so many train journeys, both diesel and steam.  You’ve loved them all.

You met the Gruffalo and appeared on prime time TV!  You took it all in your stride.

You’ve been to the theatre with friends and with Mummy.  You’ve enjoyed every performance.  Going for a day out with one of your oldest friends was a highlight for Mummy.

Happy 5th Birthday Monkey!

I made a friend through blogging and you’ve made friends with her children.  That’s been another magical sight, as we’ve watched that friendship develop over our trips out and about.  You are so excited about going on holiday next year with our friends.

Happy 5th Birthday Monkey!

You got to see Granny on her 70th birthday, you got to see lots of John Deere tractors and eat lots of Spanish cheese.

Happy 5th Birthday Monkey!

You explored Sevilla and walked for miles and then walked in the countryside bug hunting with Gramps.

Happy 5th Birthday Monkey!

You’ve done so many wonderful things this year, it really has been wonderful.

Now don’t get me wrong – you are not an angel!  There’s room for improvement.  I know you get tired after school, but if you could not get grumpy with Mummy, we would have much nicer afternoon’s together! Getting yourself dressed and brushing your teeth without being nagged would be great.

I wonder what the year ahead will bring you, my love, quiet, imaginative little 5 year old son?  Be happy, healthy and enjoy every moment.  I’m sure there are some wonderful adventures ahead.

Happy 5th Birthday Monkey!  lots of love from Mummy, Daddy and Brewster too xxx

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