Happy Birthday Blog

Happy Birthday Blog

It’s hard to believe that it’s a year since Monkey had Chicken Pox.  I can remember him being poorly and me thinking, right, this is it, I’ll start my blog posts writing about Monkey and his Chicken Pox. I don’t suppose anyone will read it, but I’ll have a record for myself.  It will be a beginning, so here we are a year later – Happy Birthday Blog!

Happy Birthday BlogA year ago I knew nothing of WordPress, self hosted blogs, Google+.  To be totally honest, I knew nothing about A LOT of things.  In one year, I have learnt so much about SO many things.  I’ve met, both in the flesh and through cyber space, some amazing people.  I’ve learnt about other people’s journeys.  Posts that have made me cry, posts that have made me laugh, a lot. I’ve discovered that people do actually read MY posts.  It’s quite an amazing thing.  It amazes me every day. The day when James Hunt’s son left a message on MY blog!  That did make me cry.  When an author or illustrator leaves a message or tweets me – that is mind-blowing.  When Postman Pat followed me on Twitter and Monkey thought that was ‘brilliant Mummy!’ I honestly had no expectations a year ago, had no idea where my blog journey would go. Happy Birthday Blog – you have taken me on a fantastic journey – to places I’d never been before.

I’ve realised that I am more than just Mum.  I have a little bit of confidence restored in my own abilities. Thank you Blog for making me realise just how much I love nature, and how much I want Monkey to be aware of the world around him.

Thank you to anyone who has ever taken the time to read a post, thanks even more for leaving a comment.  Thank you to all the wonderful brands I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the last year – too many to name here, I have been so very lucky.

I’m looking forward to an exciting second year in blogging – although that sounds rather scary too.  I’m looking forward to not one, but two blogging conferences – one with Tots100 in Birmingham in April and one with BritMums in London in June.

As a way of saying thank you, to you my readers, I have a whole host of wonderful giveaways planned for the month – I’m really rather excited.  So watch this space for my Month of Blog Birthday giveaways!

Happy Birthday BlogHappy Birthday Blog – Happy 1st Birthday!  May there be many more to come!

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  1. Happy Birthday, yes I do read your posts and enjoy them, and you are a great writer hope you have a lovely year and Monkey will have something to look back on and admire what his Mum is capable of! Plus you might be followed by someone more exciting than Postman Pat. If that is possible?

  2. Happy blogversary. It’s been great to meet you twice in the last year. You were the first blogger I met on my blogging journey x

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