Having fun at CBeebies Land

Having fun at CBeebies Land part 2 #CountryKids

Having fun at CBeebies LandAfter a fun-filled morning a couple of weeks ago with the CBeebies Magazine team, we were free to explore Alton Towers and CBeebies Land for the afternoon.  We came out of the Alton Towers Hotel and it was pouring with rain.  A quick dash to the car and we put our waterproofs on. Nothing was going to stop us having fun at CBeebies Land.

The first excitement for Monkey was catching the monorail from the hotel area to the entrance of Alton Towers.  Monkey had been a bit uncertain at the event in the morning, but he was getting more excited by the minute at the prospect of visiting CBeebies Land.

Having fun at CBeebies Land

We’d been given some food vouchers, so we had a quick sandwich and a drink for lunch. Whilst we were eating the rain stopped – yippee!  Monkey was eager to get going, he wanted to be having fun at CBeebies Land.

Having fun at CBeebies Land

I knew exactly where Monkey would head to – yes, no surprise, Postman Pat Parcel Post.

Having fun at CBeebies Land

The rides have an electronic indicator telling you the queuing time as you enter each ride, with the weather as it was, the park was fairly quiet and we were in for a 25 minute wait.  I didn’t time it, but it didn’t feel as if we actually waited that long.  Whilst we were queuing there were activities to keep the children amused – a great idea.


We were at the front of the queue before Monkey had any chance to feel bored (phew) and he couldn’t wait to sit inside Postman Pat’s van – it was wonderful for me to see. This is the child who doesn’t really do rides, actually running to get on a ride. CBeebies Land is absolutely perfect for him.

Having fun at CBeebies Land

The ride is interactive, you get asked lots of questions as you go round and the driver needs to press the right button to answer questions.  Monkey loved it.

Having fun at CBeebies Land Having fun at CBeebies Land

It was easy to see that we would be revisiting this ride throughout the day, so Monkey could say hello to all the characters he loves from Greendale.

Having fun at CBeebies Land

The CBeebies Land part of Alton Towers is small enough for little ones to easily walk from one area to another.  Monkey had already spotted Nina’s Space Lab when we were queuing for the Postman Pat ride.  He was off again.

Having fun at CBeebies LandMonkey was fascinated with the pipes outside, turn the handwheels and watch the smoke appear.

Having fun at CBeebies Land Having fun at CBeebies Land

Inside Nina’s Science Lab are lots of interactive areas to test the senses – very clever.

Having fun at CBeebies Land Having fun at CBeebies Land

Look who we spotted when we went back outside!  I had one very happy Monkey.

Having fun at CBeebies Land

Where next Monkey?

Having fun at CBeebies Land part 2

Tree Fu Tom Mummy!  So off we went to explore the Tree Fu Tom play area.

Having fun at CBeebies Land part 2

We nearly went to see Mr Bloom’s Nursery, but he changed his mind.  We avoided the Justin’s House Pie-O-Matic Factory (indoor softplay) it was very busy/noisy and not something Monkey enjoys.  Then we headed to the Big Fun Show Time area for an adventure with Mike the Knight.

The Mike the Knight show was really good, Monkey loved every second of it.  There are also Mike the Knight activities around the Fun Time area, along with toilets and a drinks kiosk.  If we’d had more time we’d have definitely returned to see a different show.

The sun was now out – wellies, waterproofs off and suncream and sunhat on.  Time to try out the Tree Top Adventure.  A nice gentle monorail ride on a CBeebies Bug.  It was another hit and Monkey loved being able to look down at the rides he’d already been on.

When we came off that ride we walked through the Sensory Garden, Monkey enjoyed the special mirrors in this area.  We then queued up for the In the Night Garden boat ride, the queue was small and again there were activities to keep the children amused as ITNG characters were up to.

We decided that as the sun was out, we deserved an ice cream and that we’d leave CBeebies Land and find the Sea Life exhibit.  Monkey loves Sea Life and we weren’t disappointed by this one either.  It’s obviously much smaller than the norm, but still gave us lots to look at.

Having fun at CBeebies Land part 2

We headed back to CBeebies Land for another go on the Postman Pat ride before we decided to head home.  We’d had a wonderful day, and we have some Tesco Days Out Vouchers that I’d already exchanged for CBeebies Land tickets, so we’ll be back with Daddy P soon!

Having fun at CBeebies Land

disclaimer:  we were given free tickets to Cbeebies Land as part of the #CBeebiesMagKidsGoFree event, my comments are my own honest opinions

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10 thoughts on “Having fun at CBeebies Land part 2 #CountryKids

  1. We thought it all looked great when we went, but as it was a week after opening, the queue times were awful so we didn’t get on anything! Loved the Tree Fu Tom area, though, and the Sea Life exhibit. Maybe we should return now it’s quietened down! Looks like you had a lovely day there x

    1. I think we were really lucky that the morning was awful weatherwise, we were inside the hotel then, but it must have put a lot of people off making a day of it. We’re going again at some point before the end of the season so don’t suppose we’ll be so lucky again.

  2. It really does look like a fantastic place for young kids to visit. The Postman Pat ride looks really fun.

  3. This looks like a great addition to Alton Towers, and something for the younger ones which we thought was lacking on our last visit. Glad you had fun, and that the sun came out.

  4. A child’s paradise with all those well loved character and fun rides. It looks like Monkey had a wonderful time and I’m glad the weather improved too. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  5. My daughter is turning 4, I think she’s outgrown Cbeebies, but I bet she would absolutely still love CBeebies land! Maybe next bank holiday? #CountryKids.

  6. It sounds like you had a great day and you were so lucky not having big queues! It really ruined it for us when we went as the queues were far too long for our two to be able to tolerate. We did love the Sealife Centre though and were surprised how big it was!

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