hearing test

Hearing test

I’m so far behind with everything, had some sort of virus that has knocked me for six over the weekend, so blog work has really suffered. Two linky posts I’d pre-scheduled never got linked up and winners for comps have only just been notified.  Oh well, things could be worse I guess. Should be having a girlie night with a curry, but instead, I will be tucked up under the duvet nice and early!  In all this chaos I haven’t had time to let you know about my son and his latest hearing test.

hearing test

I’ve had a feeling for some time that my son is a typical boy and is very selective with his hearing.  I wasn’t too concerned until his old pre-school mentioned it a while back.  Has he had a cold?  Have you noticed him not responding to you?  Well yes, but only when it suits him.  We’ll keep an eye on it.  That was a few months back, they didn’t mention it again and he seemed no different from his friends.  Then came final report day.  Can’t quite put my finger on it, but think you should get his hearing tested to be sure it’s all ok.

Ok, so have I missed something?  Has he had a problem that’s caused his speech delay?  I have had to have hearing tests in the last 5 years at my Doctors and the local Hospital and am borderline – sadly the wrong side of borderline for anything to be done.  Daddy P’s side of the family all had ear issues as children, could he be following their side of the family?

So I rang the doctors straight away (end of July), their policy was that we would need to see the Doctor to be referred for a hearing test.  Ok, appointment made.  We saw her for literally a couple of minutes.  We will do an in-house hearing test, which may or may not work due to his age.  If it didn’t work we’d be referred on again.  Make another appointment to see the right person.

An appointment made, we arrived for our hearing test, unfortunately, it was an afternoon appointment and she was running 30 minutes late – not a good start with a tired little boy.  They wanted to conduct the same test I’d had at a different surgery some years before.  Basically, you have headphones on, they play different frequencies into each ear and you hit a buzzer when you hear something.  I knew that this was going to be a challenge.  He is nearly 4 years old, he was tired and bored after the long wait.  I was not optimistic.  Surprise, surprise, it didn’t go well.  We’ll need to refer you.  Ok, we’ll wait for the letter.

When the letter came, I was rather mystified.  I’d expected to be referred to the hospital as I had been for my hearing test.  But no, we were being sent to another Doctor’s Surgery in town.  Ok, it is the nearest to our house and Nursery School so we could walk there.

So off we went on Thursday, not sure what to expect, but hoping it was not a repeat of the previous hearing test.  Firstly, we were seen bang on time.  There were two ladies, one who took him to a table and one who sat with me behind him and asked me some questions.

It was lovely to watch him sitting away from me, listening to a complete stranger and doing as she asked.  Basically, he had some wooden blocks and a plastic tub.  She held a device that emitted different sounds and every time he heard a sound he had to describe it and put a block in the tub.  She tried it on both sides of him.  He listened, spoke to her and filled his tub full of blocks.  He really concentrated.  She then used an instrument to check the pressure in his ears.

All good news – he could hear everything perfectly.  There was a slight issue with his ear pressure but that could be explained by his cold.  We have to work on getting him to blow his nose!

We left feeling confident that he has selective hearing, what a surprise!  But nice to know it’s nothing more serious.


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  1. So glad that everything is OK with Monkey’s hearing – I do believe boys are a bit of a nightmare for not listening, it has nothing to do with their hearing! Hope you feel better soon too xx

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