Hello Pet! – a fun pet matching service!

Hello PetI can’t imagine life without pets. I’ve had pets all my life; cats, dogs, budgies, hamsters, stick insects, rabbits, macaws – you name it – we had it!  In my adult life, I’ve adored having cats.  Monty and Roxy saw me through nearly 20 years, through highs and lows, house moves and Monkey arriving.  Brewster has been the heart of our home for the last year and a half.

Hello PetNow there is a fun new way of finding the perfect pet match for you – and it’s free! Welcome to Hello Pet from Animal Friends! Would your perfect pet be a Springer Spaniel or an Irish Setter?  Maybe you’re a cat person like me – would your perfect puss be a Russian Blue or a Siamese?

The tool uses a series of questions that selects your perfect pet depending on your lifestyle and personality. The results will not only determine whether your perfect pet companion is a cat or a dog, but which breed is best suited to you too.

Spookily, when I answered the questions, my match was the British Shorthair.  This is actually my favourite pedigree cat – and there is no way that I could have influenced the result.  It really quite amazed me!

Hello PetThe British Shorthair is a cat which likes its home comforts – it’s happy to explore the garden, but you’ll usually find it cat-napping indoors. If you’re seeking an easy-going relationship and a quiet companion, this is that cat for you.

When Hello Pet! confirms your perfect match, you can then share their findings on Twitter and Facebook.  For me it’s a bit of fun, but I could see someone looking for their first pet, finding this service really useful.  Especially if you were thinking of having a pet dog.  It would be a great guidance for which breed to pick.

Do let me know which pet you got matched with won’t you.  For the time being I’ll just be happy with my moggy.

Hello Petdisclaimer:  this is a collaborative post.

6 thoughts on “Hello Pet! – a fun pet matching service!

  1. Such a fun idea for an App! I should get Little Mr A to do it as he keeps on at us to get him a pet of some sort – he keeps swinging between a rabbit and a hamster at the moment.

  2. Mine was the Afghan Hound LOL! I’m not a dog person at all so that was a surprise but I guess cause I like being outdoors and I’d enjoy walking a dog. I much prefer cats though.

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