Help! When Is The Best Time For Me To Learn To Drive?

Help! When Is The Best Time For Me To Learn To Drive?

Help! When Is The Best Time For Me To Learn To Drive?

It took me three attempts to pass my driving test, and I finally passed when I was 26.  My niece on the other hand passed first time at the age of 18!  How about you?

Help! When Is The Best Time For Me To Learn To Drive?

Driving is one of life’s vital skills, making life more convenient and opening up job opportunities. Most teens want to learn how to drive as soon as they can, but this is not for everyone. Some people learn at a later age when they feel more confident in themselves and have more money for lessons and to buy a car. Here are some of the factors to weigh up before deciding to start driving lessons…


Age is one of the factors you should consider when you want to learn how to drive. As we age, our reflexes and response time may not be as swift as when we were younger and we take things in quicker when younger, especially as we’re used to tests and lessons. In addition, aches and body pains come with aging, which may be a hindrance when learning how to drive. Some people may want to wait until they’re a little more mature than jumping in as soon as they’re legally allowed to start though, and some research suggests learning in your mid-20’s is good – you’re young enough to pick it all up quickly but have a little more life experience and confidence.


Another thing you have to look at when learning how to drive is the cost. If you are planning to sign up to a driving instructor, you should be aware of the cost involved. Additionally, if you don’t have a car yet, you will have to make a big purchase in order to use your driving skills so the earlier you plan what car you can buy/afford the better. Look for the best driving schools in your area and see how much each of them costs – consider any offers or promotions you can take advantage of. Bypass the need to invest in DVDs, books or study software by taking advantage of the free materials available with Top Tests.

Once you’ve weighed up the entire cost of the process you’ll be able to determine whether you can afford it.


The season is also a big factor when learning how to drive. New drivers prefer to learn during the summertime, as the weather conditions are more favourable. Imagine having to learn how to drive in the thick snow when the roads are slippery. Starting in the summer means you shouldn’t encounter those sorts of conditions until you’re a little more experienced.


Do you have the time to devote to your driving? Check your schedule to see if you can fit driving lessons in amidst all the rest of the commitments in your life. You may even check in with your instructor to see if they offer lessons at the right time of the day for you. If you’ve already got a packed schedule then you might need to wait. If you can’t fit regular lessons in then you’ll struggle to master driving skills.

Learning how to drive is important. But deciding when to do it is also just as important. Your age, finances, and circumstances are all important in helping to make that decision.

I’d love to know more about your own learning to drive experiences.  Mine was very stressful!

disclaimer:  this is a collaborative post

3 thoughts on “Help! When Is The Best Time For Me To Learn To Drive?

  1. I loved learning to drive. All my friends learnt at 17, but I was at boarding school for 6th form, and didn’t particularly want to learn. Then finishing uni I realised it would help with getting a job, so got a student loan at my last opportunity to use for driving lessons.

    So my first lesson at nearly 22, was a revelation. I just felt so free and loved it (apart from going straight out afterwards with my mum, and totally having a nightmare stalling along a road with lots of roadworks on my side of the road!). It took 3 months (weekly, then fortnightly lessons when I moved to Oxford to work, and occasional journeys out with my mum), and I passed first time. Very satisfying because my brother who was 18 and learning at the same time with the same instructor took 3 attempts – he was a more natural driver than me, and had 2 unfortunate tests where the instructor jumped the gun on the brake too early into the test.

    I think being that little bit older and seeing it as a means to an end, rather than getting to 17 and just really wanting to drive for the freedom did help a lot.

  2. I was quite happy learning to drive. I passed second time, at the age of 17 and though I don’t drive far these days, I commuted long distances when I worked, up and down the motorways all day long. I don’t miss that aspect, though it means I’m very comfortable driving! x

  3. Gosh, my experiences were the opposite! I loved learning to drive – mainly because I saw it as an opportunity to gain some independence as we lived in a village – and passed first time at the age of 18!! I have my wonderful father to thank who was so very patient, the opposite of my mother who was so very nervous when driving with me! I think with most things it comes down to confidence, and if you want to do it you’re half way to making it happen!

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