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Homemade Playdoh fun

Today’s guest post is from the lovely Angela over at The Life of Spicers who will be showing us all how to have some homemade Playdoh fun.  I’ve been blogging on and off for many years over a variety of subjects. The Life of Spicers is my way of documenting our life, hopefully showing us living life to the full as you do really only get one life you know and you never know when your last day may be. Our house is crammed to the roof with me, a husband, a grown up daughter, a six-year-old daughter, a cat and a hamster.

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homemade Playdoh fun, The Life of Spicers


With the weather turning grey and miserable, inside activities and inspiration come out to play. Playdoh is a great activity that we have played a lot in the last few years since 6yo was a toddler. She still enjoys playing with it now.

The shop bought varieties are fine, but they do have a funny smell to them, and I did used to worry what 6yo may have been putting in her mouth when using them.

Homemade playdoh is so easy to make, costs virtually nothing and is very quick. It’s also an activity the children can be part of during the making process.

There are many internet recipes available, and some require cooking, some not. This is one of my favourites that was passed onto me that I have tweaked slightly to suit me and my kitchen store cupboards but works well.

Playdoh Recipe

Take a cup – any sized cup and gather the following ingredients in a large bowl.

  • 1 cup flour (I use plain or bread flour, anything I have available really)

  • 1 cup boiling water

  • ½ cup salt

  • 1tbsp cooking oil

  • Food colouring (a few drops is enough, the more you add the more vibrant the colour will be)

  • A drop of peppermint oil / sprinkle of glitter is optional.

homemade Playdoh funAdd all the ingredients together into the bowl and mix with a spoon. You will need to finish off with your fingers, kneading the mixture to a firm ball.

That’s it!

 homemade Playdoh fun

Take care with small children and boiling water, but if you let the boiled water cool a little before adding to the bowl the mixture is usually OK to handle.

The playdoh stores well in a takeaway plastic pot, or even a plastic food bag (if kept away from small children obviously). Another tip is to not store this until completely cooled as the heat can make it sweat and it turns all gooey.


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