How difficult can it be to get replacement barriers for a level crossing?

Having come from a sales/customer service background I’m always interested to observe ‘customer service’ in action.

I have been so impressed in general with those companies I have contacted with issues since having Monkey.

I contacted Orchard Toys about some lost parts from our Insey Winsey Spider game, fully expecting to pay (and would not have had an issue with that) and was thrilled when they replaced all the parts free of charge.

Our next experience with with Pintoy’s UK distributor John Crane. I’d bought a secondhand fire engine that was missing it’s steering wheel and hose. Again, I had no issue to pay for replacement parts, but again these were supplied free of charge. In both cases my requests were dealt with promptly and I was most impressed and would certainly buy products from both companies again and have recommended them both to others.

I am now in search of replacement barriers for a wooden level crossing, it seems silly to buy a brand new unit when only a couple of bits of plastic need replacing. I am now going round in circles. Contacted UK distributor at theor sales@ email address and had no response after one week. Then contacted them through their Facebook page, prompt response and passed straight to the Customer Service team. UK distributor won’t/can’t deal with me as I’m a member of the public and refer me back to their website to find a local stockist. I did ask the question – will a Toy Shop hold spare parts? and was told that said toy shop would be able to order it for me. Seemed strange but ok, let’s find a local stockist. Nearest one about 20+ miles away, contacted them and asked for postage costs to be included. They reply, sorry we don’t stock the brand in question. Aargh, another email to the UK distributor – can you provide a list of stockists in Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire who do stock product, rather than me contacting all on the website.
So I am now waiting to hear if their suggested stockist can help. Seems to be a very complicated way to get two little bits of plastic……..and not giving me any inclination to expand Monkey’s train track with this particular brand.

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    1. Yes, you are correct. I’m like a dog with a bone now! Still no response from them in Sweden or the stockist (but to be honest I can’t imagine a garden centre stocking spare parts). I used to work in Export Sales (selling plastic components) before Monkey came along and my largest customer was in Sweden. I’m still in touch with them and they are now on the case for me too! Seems so much effort to replace a couple of plastic barriers, but I just can’t believe how difficult it is. Most of the train stuff we have bought is Big Jigs, and this certainly isn’t filling me with any enthusiasm to buy from ‘B’ or to recommend their items to anyone else. Such a shame, over something to trivial.

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