How do you buy your kid’s toys and games these days?

Time is so precious these days, isn’t it?  I don’t know about you but I’m always on the lookout for a bargain.  I’m a stay at home Mum and money is VERY tight.

I do love looking around the shops (without my little boy if I can – so much easier!!).  I love looking at the finished article, rather than just buying online, but I need to save the pennies wherever I can, so I often see it on the high street and then buy it cheaper online.

My husband HATES this!  Coming from a long line of family retailers he says, quite rightly ‘that people like me are killing the high street’. But I’m not alone, am I?

I also find it’s a great way to show things to my parents in Spain, to give them idea’s for my son’s birthday and Christmas.  They can order online and have it delivered to me.  Likewise, I can order things for them and often get it sent straight to Spain.  Easy, cheaper, saves me and them time!

We’ve heard about a new concept coming from USA called Virtual Piggy – you can set up an online piggy bank for your kids, with purchase limits and with your approved suppliers and they can add items to a wish list etc.  You and other relatives can add funds to the account and your kids can see their savings grow and also get an understanding of how much the things they like cost! and the impact that that cost will have on their savings.  I can see this as a great idea for the future and we hope to look at it in more detail at some point soon.

So as part of my online buying I’ve visited The Toadstool website today, I’ve been eyeing up some Plus Plus for my son for some time, and decided today was the day to get ordering.  Doesn’t it look great …… Plus Plus - more construction coming our way Plus Plus – more construction coming our way

Can’t wait for it to arrive to see what my son will create 🙂

5 thoughts on “How do you buy your kid’s toys and games these days?

  1. I like this ide of a wish type list. I think it would be great for older kids. I would love my nephews to do it as then I can get them what they want, and not what I think they might like.
    as for the ++ look forward to the review as I’m intrigued…

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