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If you ask people what they expect from a family car, it turns out that it should be suitable for commuting to work, for travelling with the whole family to nature, and for delivering building materials to the country. For all its versatility, a vehicle must be reliable, attractive in design, have a safety system, and have a powerful engine.

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So it turns out that it is not so easy for an ordinary person to decide which car to choose for a family. It is not the same as if you rent a car Dubai luxury with high all-inclusive service, where you do not have to think about anything: just pay and enjoy. Yes, indeed, rental services offer the best services for their money: you can even rent a sports car with a driver and not worry about anything. Or rent a family car at an attractive price. But you need a more solid and demanding approach here.

Our article is intended for those who are at a crossroads and cannot find a suitable vehicle model.

Body type

A loner may not worry about the number of passenger seats in the cabin and buy, for example, a sports coupe. For a family of four to five people, this option is not suitable, so the issue of car roominess is very important.

If you have one child, any sedan will do. If there are two children and one of them, for example, plays hockey, then you will need a large trunk to transport your sports uniform. In addition to children, the family may have a pet who also loves to travel, so spacious transport will be needed. In such a situation, a minivan is perfect.

In general, there are three car options in the family transport category:

  • Station wagon (estate car). In fact, it is a sedan with a spacious interior and increased luggage compartment. An important advantage of such cars is their low price, especially on the secondary market.
  • Crossovers. Are very popular due to their spaciousness, increased ground clearance, and attractive design. From the point of view of consumer qualities, the crossover can be described as a station wagon that looks like an SUV, but at the same time behaves like a passenger car on the road. Ideal for city and nature trips.
  • Minivan. The optimal car for a large family. The number of passenger seats can be up to eight, has a spacious trunk, and the ability to transform the cabin for various needs. The price of such a car can be quite high, but the pleasure of its functionality compensates for the material costs.

6 criteria of choice

If we are talking about which car to choose for a family, for example, with two children, then there are six main criteria that determine the choice of transport:

  • Safety. This is the most important point to pay attention to. It is recommended to purchase a car with modern electronic security systems, six airbags, and the ability to install a child seat. You also need to remember that the higher the weight and class of the car, the more reliable the protection of passengers in case of an accident. The age of the transport also matters. The body structure of a modern car is equipped with additional elements that reduce speed in case of an accident.
  • Reliability. It is better to pay attention to well-known brands that have been on the market for a long time and have managed to establish themselves among consumers. A large number of statistics and reliability ratings for specific car models can be found on the Internet. You can also study the reviews of transport owners, interview friends. Do not hesitate to collect information from different sources, because a quality item will last a long time and will not let you down at the most inopportune moment.
  • Comfort level. If you have three children, then you will need a spacious interior so that the guys do not feel embarrassed and do not interfere with the driver. And for the driver, the main thing is that everything is at hand and there is no need to reach for something important, being distracted from the road. Also, the details that create comfort include the presence of climate control, an onboard computer, curtains for sun protection in the rear seat, sufficient headroom, and legroom.
  • Ergonomics. A family car assumes that it will be necessary to transport a large number of various things: different tools, groceries from the supermarket, children’s sportswear for training, etc. Most manufacturers of family models provide a large number of shelves, pockets, compartments in which you can place everything you need.
  • Luggage compartment. For those who like to travel with the whole family, a spacious trunk is important. Of course, its capabilities can be expanded by installing a box on the roof, but not all drivers like this option. Therefore, most car owners immediately select a vehicle in which the luggage compartment will be at least 400-500 litres.

Fuel consumption and economy. These qualities are very important in a family car, as it should be a reliable assistant and not a toy that requires constant cash infusions. A well-thought-out family transport has an economical engine, for which you do not need to pay a large tax, it is inexpensive to repair and maintain.

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Choosing a car for a family is not an easy task, but it can be done. The listed criteria will help you choose the best model.

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