How To Prepare For Road Trip With Kids In Summer – AD paid hosted post

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Summer is the best season for family travel. Many parents choose to travel by car, as it is much more comfortable, cheaper, as well as safer because your child is always under your control. However, it is worth taking care of the road trip in advance and thoroughly preparing for it, especially if your child or children are under the age of 6. We would like to share with you a few tips that will help to
make your trip more comfortable and pleasant.

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What is your trip destination

Сhoosing a holiday destination is an important decision since not all countries are good for a family vacation with small children. Many parents prefer warm countries, among which the leading place goes to the United Arab Emirates. The Emirates is known for its convenient infrastructure for children. Since the UAE is not easy to get to by car, you can rent one directly in the country. Car rental services are in great demand among tourists. Automotive company Evolve provides a huge selection of cars of all types and brands from sedans to roomy crossovers and VANs. A pleasant bonus is the low prices of the rental service. Thus, having a rental car during your vacation provides you with mobility, maximum comfort and safety for the whole family.

Map out your route

Plan your route carefully. Beforehand, install a few apps on your phone with offline maps and a navigator, and mark your route on them. Do not forget to plan the parking spots, it is better to do them at an interval of 2-3 hours so that it is easier for the child to carry a long trip. While having a stop, play some active games in the fresh air or have a small picnic with a family.

Safety is vital

Safety is always the top priority, that is why first of all take care of the child‘s car seat, and check all the seat belts before the journey. Make sure your child has enough room in the back seat to stay comfortable. By all means, take an extra first aid kit with anti-seasickness medication.

Entertained is the key

Keeping your child entertained during the road trip is an important component of a successful journey. Children can get cranky when they get bored, to avoid this, take some soft toys or a colouring book. Preferably do not take on a trip with small toys and a constructor, as they are much harder to play with for a child in the car, in addition, they can fall under your seat. Try to minimize the use of gadgets, as
watching cartoons can make a child quickly get seasick.

Get use of helpful accessories

There are also a number of accessories that make sense for you to think about beforehand. Hang curtains on the back windows of the car, and take some soft pillows and a little blanket. Sippy baby cups and a bib can help to keep your car clean. Water is a must on a trip, so it’s a good idea to bring a few extra bottles of water.

Prepare your own food

Choose only reliable cafes and hotels, and pay close attention to hygiene during the trip. When having a stop and eating in cafes, choose simple dishes with fresh fruit or vegetables, and try to avoid ready-made meals. Although it would be a good idea to prepare food at home. The food you take on a trip should not be liquid, avoid finely chopped products, and give preference to portioned meals. If you do not have a special refrigerator bag, it is better to give up perishable foods.

Finally, don’t forget to have your car technically inspected and fueled. So now you’re ready for any road trip, we wish you a great journey!

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