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How to Sleep with a Cough or Cold – AD paid collaborative post

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It is that time of year when your entire household gets a cold, usually triggering from something that your little one has picked up in nursery or school. One of the worst things about having a bad cough or cold, bar not being able to taste your favourite foods, is trying to get to sleep – it can seem impossible.

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Here is a little checklist of things that you can help you sleep better when you’re feeling a little under the weather: 

  • Sleeping Positions

If you’re naturally a front or back sleeper, then you might need to change the way that you sleep to help your breathing during the night. Sleeping on your back can make your congestion worse and contributes to snoring. However, sleeping on your front can also restrict your airways.

Sleeping on your side is the best option as it will regulate your breathing and it won’t make your congestion feel any worse than it is. Plus, it will help you wind down and relax, which is exactly what you need.

  • Changing Bed Sheets More Often

There is nothing better than getting into a clean bed and fresh sheets, even more so when you’re unwell. Naturally, you’re going to spend more time in bed when you’re ill, meaning you will probably be sweating more.

Changing your bed sheets more often will ensure that your germs from the previous few nights would have been washed away. Plus, if you’re sharing a bed with a sick loved one, then getting the sheets cleaned will avoid spreading cold and flu germs to them.

  • Stick to Routine

According to research by the University of California, you are three times more likely to get sick and catch a cold again if you’re not getting enough sleep. While it will be hard to drift off when you’re feeling under the weather, try and go to bed the same time as normal and stick to your regular sleeping pattern. 

If you’ve tried this for a few nights and it isn’t working, then head up to bed a little earlier than normal. This way, it will give you longer to try and relax and drift off.

  • Drinking and Eating Right

There are certain foods that you should and shouldn’t eat when you have a cold. One of the biggest things that you can avoid is alcohol as it can leave you feeling dehydrated and can swell your sinuses as it triggers the expansion of blood cells in the body. This temporary swelling can also produce more mucus.

There are plenty of foods that you should and shouldn’t eat when you have a cold. Some of the foods that you should be eating include soup, garlic and drinking plenty of water.

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  • Soothe Your Throat

Making a hot drink (without sugar and caffeine) before bed will help with the congestion as the steam will ease the throat and help decongest your sinuses, making it easier to breathe throughout the night. 

Trying things such as honey and lemon and cough sweets are also good options too, as they will help soothe your throat. 

disclosure: this is a paid collaborative post


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