Ideas To Liven Up The Garden For Summer

Ideas To Liven Up The Garden For Summer – AD collaborative post

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Some of you will be sitting back in your perfect gardens, enjoying the sunshine. Whilst many of us will be in panic mode at the thought of all the things that need doing. When looking for the larger garden tasks to be completed, I found it was best to find professional landscapers near me who know exactly what they’re doing. It’s always good to have some ideas in your head about how to get your garden ready for summer. Here’s some family-friendly ideas, from the simple to the expert.

Add a child-friendly veg patch

Why not add some raised beds to your garden for growing veggies? Keep to simple crops that your kids can help grow and make colourful veggie-shaped labels for each row. You could paint up a metal watering can in lots of bright colours and make an outdoor chalkboard to keep track of watering, growth and crops produced. This will keep it cheerful and encourage the kids to get involved.

Encourage wildlife into your garden

Another great idea is to introduce wildlife friendly features into your garden. Make a hedgehog house and create a hole at the bottom of your fence, to help them wander in and out. Install a bird feeding post and decorative birdbath. Plant flower species that encourage bees and butterflies and put up nest boxes and bee hotels.

Ideas To Liven Up The Garden For Summer

Create a garden trail

If you’ve got adventurous and imaginative little ones, how about a mini garden trail? Install a winding path through your garden, with features to investigate on the way round. Little bridges, stepping-stones and fairy doors will add to the fun. Create a trail sheet to get your kids learning and engaging with nature. Ask them to count the number of leaves on a plant or draw the insects they see.

Make a chill-out area

Gardens that we can be active in are great, but it’s also good to have space to relax too. A chill-out area with comfy outdoor seating or hammocks is ideal. Make sure there’s plenty of shade from big leafy plants and perhaps some scented flowers to create a lovely aroma. Fairy lights, lanterns, decorative stones and ornaments, plus some cosy throws can bring it all together.

Build a summer house

If you fancy more creature comforts when relaxing, then a summer house could be a better option for you. You can go as fancy as you like with seating, rugs and lighting. And decorate it with curtains, pictures and bunting for a homely feel. You could even have a little log burner or kettle and stove. Perfect for hiding away with a good book.

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