I’m off to #britmumslive

It’s going to be a bit quieter here for the next few days.  I’m off to #britmumslive today down in London.  I have to thank my lovely sponsor – Heroes of the City for making it all possible.

I shall be meeting up with Emma from Bubbablueandme on the train this morning (hopefully!).  Once in London I will be meeting Tina from The Soup Dragon Says before heading over to our hotel to meet up with a whole host of lovely bloggers that we’ll be staying with.

Then on to the main event and 2 days of learning new things, catching up with bloggers I’ve met before and hopefully meeting a load of friends for the first time.  I’ve got plans to meet up with a number of brands too.  I’m excited, nervous and really looking forward to a couple of days of just being me.  I’ll miss Monkey terribly, but it will be nice not to have a bag brimming with crayons, drawing books, diggers and tractors for a few days!

I had planned on wearing my standard ‘uniform’ of jeans and a top.  But so many friends are dressing up a little bit more, that I thought I’d better make a bit more of an effort!

So off I went to Milton Keynes earlier this week, with some vouchers burning a hole in my pocket!

After having a few false starts with dresses – my heart says fitted, but they just don’t work for me.  I’m quite small up top and my hips aren’t!  So a fitted dress will fit me around the bust, but I won’t be able to get it over my derriere.  Or it will fit me well round my hips and be baggy and saggy around the bust.  Either option is a no go 🙁

So once I’d given up on my dream styling, opened my eyes, I walked into John Lewis, averted my eyes as I walked past the handbags (yes I am an addict) and looked at the various concessions.  I fell for two dresses, one quite colourful one from Seasalt Cornwall and a blue dress (you know me) from White Stuff.

Seasalt Cornwall White Stuff

I had enough vouchers, so I decided to buy both dresses.  Couldn’t decide which I liked the best!

I really want to wear the me&i top I reviewed earlier in the year and another top I bought recently.  So I went off to Marks and Spencer (more vouchers burning a hole) to look for some trousers.

clothes for Britmumslive


So now I have too many outfits to choose from!  But I’d much rather have that problem, than have nothing to wear.

So if you spot someone walking around #britmumslive in one of these outfits – say hello – it will be me!


4 thoughts on “I’m off to #britmumslive

  1. Hope you have a great time. This is something I would love to attend in the future. Izebella is just too young to leave at the moment and it’s quite far away. X

  2. I love your dresses, didn’t realise you were in MK, next time you are about why not meet for coffee? 🙂

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