i'm going to BritMums Live 2014

I’m going to BritMums Live 2014 – Linky

I’ve just been reading Donna’s post over at Redhead Babyled about a new linky, I’m going to BritMums Live 2014, and thought I’d add my post too.

I’m being sponsored by the lovely Swedish team of Heroes of the City as I’ve written before.  I’m looking forward to meeting up with some of blogging friends that I met last year, but also to finally meeting so many more.  I am, however, REALLY bad with names, so this could be very embarrassing.

i'm going to BritMums Live 2014So here goes..

Name: Mary

Blog: Over 40 and a Mum to One
(that seemed like such a good idea until I have to say it out loud!)

Twitter ID: @Minnowmep

Height: 5ft 6in (please don’t ask me what that is in metres!!)

Hair: Brown, with lots of blonde and grey highlights

Eyes: Green

Is this your first blogging conference?

It was going to be when I booked it, but I’m going to a one day conference in April now too.

Are you attending both days?


What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2014?

Meeting more friends for the first time, meeting old friends, being part of something so much bigger than me, a community that has embraced this rather silly old techno dinosaur. Learning new things, trying not to let me brain explode.  Having a few days of being me, just thinking about me, I am looking forward to that.

What are you wearing?

Almost certainly I’ll be in jeans, I seem to live in them these days, something blue – kind of my signature.  Who knows really, if we’re in the middle of a heat wave, I might even find a dress to wear!

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2014?

Experience.  I have so much to learn, I stumble upon things, would be lovely to just be aware in the first place.  To build friendships, I am so excited to meet people for ‘real’, it’s hard to explain how you can get to know people and their families without actually having seen someone.  I like to meet brands in person too, goes back to my working life.  I think it always works better when you’ve said hello in person.

Do you have any tips to pass on to others who may not have been before?

Having read about BritMums 2013, and really wished that I’d gone I would just say, go, enjoy it, and don’t be nervous.  So many people will be going for the first time.  Everyone is so supportive.  Just say hello and enjoy yourself, I intend to!

17 thoughts on “I’m going to BritMums Live 2014 – Linky

  1. I have mixed feelings about it from nervous to excited. Looking forward to meeting up again, and also scared that I still don’t know many people. I am sure you will be great, and yes flat shoes and jeans will be the order of the day!

  2. Oh, so glad I won’t be the only one in jeans! I am going for the first time too and have to admit to being slightly nervous, but excited too. Looking forward to seeing you there xx

  3. I’m bound to be in jeans too as I end up with one swollen ankle after being on my feet most of the day, so no chance of a dress! Layering is key as the air conditioning can be violent (although last year was very warm).

    Looking forward to meeting at last

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