I'm not ready for the tooth fairy

I’m not ready for the tooth fairy

There are so many milestones in a child’s life, a first smile, crawling, walking, talking, writing that first word.  All are priceless, something to be remembered and cherished, and as each milestone is met a new part of the journey begins.  I’ve always been quite thorough at recording every little step that Monkey has made.  Even more so as I had no one to ask about when Daddy P had started crawling, walking and so on.  Being an older Mum, I knew that I didn’t want there to be unanswered questions in the future.  I wanted it all to be written down. I’m sure Monkey won’t appreciate any of it, but hopefully, one day in the future, another Mum will look back and say, look, your Daddy did this, that or the other.

Teeth appear to be rather a massive milestone don’t they.  From the first signs of teething, some children are in agony, others sail through the whole experience.  But all the wonder of the first sign of that first tooth.  Magical, well until there are a few of the pesky blighter’s and your son sees how much fun it is to bite and hold on.  I think that was the moment I realised that maybe it was ok to be bottle feeding rather than breast-feeding.

When Monkey was 7 months old, just after his christening, I had some professional photos taken.  There were some really lovely shots and I was struggling to make my selection.  We got to one particular shot and the photographer said, I’m telling you this as a Mum, in a few months time you will never be able to recapture this moment, your son will have teeth and the moment will be gone. Forever.

I'm not ready for the tooth fairy

She wasn’t wrong, 6 weeks after this shot was taken tooth number one had appeared.

I'm not ready for the tooth fairy

Of course where one tooth leads another is sure to follow!

I'm not ready for the tooth fairy

26 months later and Monkey had his full set of 20 baby teeth.  We’d been through the sleepless nights, the extremely sore bottom and chewing on everything in sight.  We were out the other side, teething was officially over.

I'm not ready for the tooth fairy

You no longer focus on teeth, there are other bridges to cross, other mountains to climb. The only tooth related thought being trying to get your Monkey son to brush his own teeth. Then before you know it, you’re hurtling towards a 6th birthday and friends all around you have started losing their baby teeth.  You see gaps appearing and toothless grins.  But Monkey’s teeth are not for budging, he always takes his time, we’ve got ages before we need to think about wobbly teeth, the tooth fairy and new, big boy teeth.  Haven’t we?

I'm not ready for the tooth fairy

We headed off to the dentist on Monday for Monkey’s six monthly check up, and all that was in my head was ‘please tell us we’ve been brushing his teeth ok’.  I do get a bit anxious after my own battles with gum disease.

Monkey’s teeth were looking fab.  Yes, I can see his back molars working their way up through his gums.  Within the next 6 months those teeth are going to be on the move. He’ll be saying goodbye to his baby teeth.  What! No!  I’m not ready for the tooth fairy!  I know it’s stupid, clearly he has to lose his baby teeth, I know it’s inevitable.  But I felt a little sad. We’re going to hit another milestone, I need to make the most of my little boy looking exactly the way he is right now.  I need to appreciate that smile and those little teeth. Before too long, there will be gaps, and bigger teeth, a change to his face, he’ll be growing up, going through that next transition.

I'm not ready for the tooth fairy

I’m not ready for the tooth fairy today, but her visit is getting closer, it’s nearer than I’d thought.  I know she’s coming.  But apparently this tooth fairy only needs to leave chocolate coins.  This Monkey certainly doesn’t want her to leave money!  Uuum, I wonder if that attitude will change?

12 thoughts on “I’m not ready for the tooth fairy

  1. This is a lovely, heartfelt post and one that I empathise with. I love looking at the baby photos when they have no teeth, because once the teeth come thru they look so different.
    We’ve just thru the first round of loosing teeth and it’s another big milestone to celebrate. My girl was excited, I was slightly mournful of the speeding by of time. But, like you say, it’s inevitable and you can have lots of fun with the tooth fairy!!

  2. There is no stopping the teeth and I think the adult ones have caused more problems than baby ones ever did! Enjoy the smile it will change, but it will be replaced with an even better one 🙂

  3. Aw! We had to deal with the Tooth Fairy really early as H had an extraction at hospital for her front tooth (she’d bashed it, it got infected and was discoloured) – and once the other teeth were on their way out they all dropped out at once (well, four of them anyway!) – I can see her new front one trying to come through now, wish it’d hurry up – she’s had her gap for over two years now, I’m used to it being there 🙂

    He has a good set of teeth – they look good and strong – but just think how much stronger and better his adult teeth will be x

  4. That first moment when they lose a tooth-it is another milestone to remember. I’m afraid I’m one of the mum’s who forgot to tell the tooth fairy that there was a tooth and had a very, very stressful morning once trying to recover that fundamental error! Luckily it wasn’t for the first tooth. We had a spate of them (that’s my excuse anyway.) I hope you have a little while longer before the tooth fairy visits, and what a result with the chocolate money 🙂

  5. Oh that gorgeous smile!
    Many milestones come and go and I don’t think they ever stop. Some look forward to the pesky teeth coming, but I’m also not ready for the tooth fairy – luckily we have a while yet. Getting their adult teeth to me makes them seem all grown up.

    Thanks for linking with #MilestoneMondays

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