It's nearly Sunday - where has that week gone?

It’s nearly Sunday – where has that week gone?

This week has flown by, we have been so busy.

My son started pre-school in September and at the AGM in October I joined the committee.  It’s a totally new area for me and I’m learning that people in education speak an entirely different language.  Mind you I guess if they entered my previous life in Plastic Parts I could confuse them as much with talk of grommets and flange covers 🙂

Anyway, we are busy fundraising at the moment so whilst my son was at pre-school on Monday I was with other committee members finalising details for a Ladies Pamper night.  I really hope we can make it a success and I for one, will be sneaking a few treatments in on the night, as well as helping things to run smoothly.  It’s great to use my ‘adult’ brain again and get involved.  I’ve met some new people and am using my organisation skills – these are well-known 🙂

We were accepted as Izziwizzi Kids Toy Reviewers for 2013 earlier in the year, and as part of that process, Izziwizzi Kids are providing the team of reviewers with video training to improve our overall presentations. I am a total novice, so this training is going to be invaluable, and Monday night was our first online session.  Again, I’ve met a great group of people and although there is a lot to learn, I’m really enjoying the challenge.  Again, using my ‘adult’ brain and learning totally new things.  It’s great!

Tuesday, my son and I had our weekly ‘Grannycam’ with his Granny and Gramps in Spain.  I am so thankful for Skype, it has meant that my son can have a real relationship with his grandparents and that they can feel more a part of his life as he grows up.  Now his speech is improving he has little conversations with them by himself, it’s lovely.

After lunch, we had a few of his NCT buddies round to play.  We normally meet up once a week and have done since the kids were about 4 weeks old.  The children get on really well (most of the time) and us Mum’s clicked from day one.  We have a really strong bond and they all mean the world to me and my son.  We have been through lots of happy times together and some very sad ones over the last 3 and half years.  Now we have 3 ‘second generation’ little boys to join the gang – another reason to be cheerful 🙂

On Wednesday a couple of my son’s NCT friends came to stay for a few hours in the afternoon after their pre-school session.  We made some craft foam Easter chicks and coloured in some Easter Egg cards.  It’s so lovely to watch all the children grow and develop, and an honour to be so close to all of them.  I’m very lucky.

Thursday?  A blur!

Friday, pre-school for my son while I had a much-needed colour and cut from my hairdresser friend.  A little pamper time, a rare treat these days.  Then a quick dash to pre-school to help with one of the staff appraisals, before another busy afternoon of play with my son.

Today, very cheerful that the snow is not settling as I’m off to spend tomorrow with my best friend.  A girls-only day, going to be heaven.  My son and I did go out this morning in what snow we had, in search of Gruffalo footprints.  They proved to be elusive, but we found bird, cat, dog and human footprints instead which kept my son amused.  Then home to catch up on a passion in my life – Formula One Grand Prix.  I love it, and especially the Prancing Horse, aka Ferrari.  This weekend the fun comes from Sepang in Malaysia and I watched the highlights (can’t afford Sky Sports :() and saw my boys qualify in 2nd and 3rd.  A good result.

So all in all, this week I have a number of reasons to be cheerful 🙂

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