Ivy in the Snow

Ivy in the Snow – Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 240116

There was great excitement here this time last week. Snow! Ok, not a lot of snow I grant you, but enough to see Monkey get dressed at lightning speed so he could get out in the garden and explore.  Whilst he got down to making the smallest snowman in the entire universe, I wandered around our little garden, taking snaps as I went, as I knew this white covering was not going to be hanging around for long.  I loved looking at the Ivy in the Snow, you can see the drops as the snow melts away.

Ivy in the Snow

Monkey and I finished our explorations and we all headed off to Salcey Forest to see proper snow!  By the time we got back home later in the day our snow was all gone, all bar the minute snowman which has been melting away all week.

Will we see more snow this winter?  I wonder and Monkey hopes!  How much have you seen?



16 thoughts on “Ivy in the Snow – Silent Sunday My Sunday Photo 240116

  1. My girls soon got out in the little snow that we had. Our was pretty much all gone by the afternoon much to their disappointment.

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Lovely photo. I did similar but round the fields, trying to find some lovely shots, but struggled with it on the grass, trees and hedges. Nothing stood out really.

  3. Lovely crisp, wintry shot. No snow here, just a very hard frost. The kids were disappointed, but I’m with you – secretly praying we’ll be spared! Don’t fancy doing our hilly, cross country school run in the snow…

  4. I’m seeing all these amazing snowy shots and it’s making me so jealous! We didn’t get a single drop. I do hope we get some this year, it’s been a while since our last downfall!

  5. what a lovely icy shot. not something we see here in our sunny patch of australia.:)

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