Joining in at Beavers

Joining in at Beavers

On Monday night the parents of our Beaver colony were invited to watch a presentation for their World Challenge and Community Impact badges, focusing on the charity WaterAid.  I had no idea what part Monkey would take in the proceedings, or what it would involve.  Getting information out of him can be a challenge at the best of times.  So I turned up, sat down and wondered what would happen next.  The Beavers were all sat in front of us, and although Monkey acknowledged me, I could see he was happily chatting away to others. Could Monkey actually be joining in at Beavers?

Joining in at Beavers

The children were working in three groups, all explaining about the importance of washing your hands in clean water to avoid the spread of germs.

One group had drawn posters and stood up in turn to explain their particular poster and to share information with us on how to prevent the spread of disease.  The next group put on a great little puppet show with some really varied characters, again explaining all about the importance of washing our hands.

Monkey’s little group was actually first up.  They were acting out a scene and even had their own director.  You all know that Monkey is not a natural performer, and is as shy as a mouse with people he doesn’t know.  There were three rows of parents sitting in front of him, and he knew me and one other Mum.  How was this going to go?

Admittedly Monkey’s talking part was very small, but not only did he deliver his line, he also had to act out how to wash your hands properly.  He was joining in at Beavers and I could not have been more proud of him.  Not only did he complete his part in the performance, but there wasn’t an adult anywhere close at hand to give him any reassurance.  He did it all by himself.

It may seem minor and trivial for others, but for anyone who knows how Monkey can be, it’s really rather wonderful. A true little moment of self belief.  He definitely deserved a biscuit and a drink after that effort.  All the kids did well, they all took park, and what’s more, they were all clearly enjoying themselves.

I look back at the tears we’ve had over nativity performances and World Book Day parades in the past, and I saw a new Monkey on Monday night.  I don’t think he’ll ever want to be the star of the show.  God knows neither would I or his father, but there was a glimmer of a boy who joined in, tried his hardest and overcame a fear.  I’m so proud of him for doing it, and thankful that he stuck with Beavers, a smaller group setting than school, and he’s joining in. May be not with everything they do each week, but to join in with this week’s presentation, that’s a major step forward.

Well done Monkey.

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