Mike the Knight and Warwick Castle

Journey to Dragon Mountain with Mike the Knight

We had a really enjoyable day out last Saturday. I’ve always loved history, castles and everything that goes with it. When we moved to Oxfordshire in my mid-teens, one of the first places we visited with my parents was Warwick Castle.  It’s a wonderful place to explore and I’ve loved visited ever since.  Monkey is learning about castles, especially since our recent trip to Arundel Castle in the summer.  But he is a real fan of Mike the Knight; and especially Squirt and Sparkie.  We were so lucky on Saturday to combine something we both love – a trip to Warwick Castle to see the new film DVD Journey to Dragon Mountain with Mike the Knight!

Journey to Dragon Mountain with Mike the Knight

Journey to Dragon Mountain is the very first film DVD featuring the lovable Mike the Knight.  Monkey has been a big fan since the show started on CBeebies and you may remember that he was so excited when we saw the Mike the Knight show at CBeebiesland recently.

We were up bright and early, Monkey would you like to dress up as a Knight?  Uum, no Mummy, but Dave the Dragon is coming with us!

Journey to Dragon Mountain with Mike the Knight

So off we went up the motorway with Dave the Dragon in tow.  We were early as always, and Monkey was eager to hunt down some jam tarts!

Journey to Dragon Mountain with Mike the Knight

The kids were kept entertained before the premiere of Journey to Dragon Mountain with some Mike the Knight play sets and some of Sparkie’s favourites (and Monkey’s too) – jam tarts.

Journey to Dragon Mountain with Mike the Knight

So after some fun, games and treats it was time to sit down and enjoy Journey to Dragon Mountain with Mike the Knight.

The DVD runs for one hour, just the right sort of timing for younger ones.

Glendragon is in danger! When the King returns from faraway lands, he discovers that the Vikings have stolen a treasured crystal jewel from the dragon of Dragon Mountain. It is the King’s mission to return the jewel and Mike’s job to help him. The King, Mike and Evie form “Team Family Glendragon” and soon find themselves on an epic quest filled with dangerous obstacles from meddlesome gargoyles to giant dragons!

So what did we think?  Monkey was spellbound.  There is plenty of dragon action which he absolutely loved.  Squirt sings a very catchy little song which I am still humming now.  Any Mike the Knight fan is going to love this DVD, we’ve watched it again 3 times since we came home Saturday afternoon! It’s got a lovely feel to it, and I think the whole family will actually enjoy it, not just the kids.  There’s always a moral to be learnt from Mike the Knight and this film is no different.  Working together, listening and learning.  We meet some new characters and of course, the Vikings are there to make us chuckle too.

Journey to Dragon Mountain was released on DVD on Monday and can be purchased for £12.99 through all the normal retailers including Amazon (see my affiliate link below to purchase) – Amazon actually have it on special offer for £5.00 at the moment!  A bargain.

If you live anywhere near Warwick Castle, it’s well worth a visit.  If you have a Mike the Knight fan in the house then, you can actually meet Mike over the next two weekends, as well as joining in with some fun activities (all free).  If you are feeling really brave then you can take a #DragonSelfie with this chap!  (Monkey sadly wasn’t feeling very courageous but we enjoyed watching everyone else having their photo taken with Mike the Knight and the fab dragon – be warned – he makes noises too!) To find out more  about dates and activities available click here.


I’ll be sharing the rest of our day at Warwick Castle with you in a future post.

disclaimer:  we were given free access to this event, to Warwick Castle and a goodie bag in exchange for promoting this DVD.  Our thoughts still remain our own, honest opinions.


8 thoughts on “Journey to Dragon Mountain with Mike the Knight

  1. Damn, I always miss the local events, especially on Saturdays which we can do. Looked and sounded like you had a great time….N never wants to dress up either (or the last time he did, then before we’d got out of the car park, he’d stripped it off!)

  2. £5.00 is a bargain! I really enjoyed that film-we’ve watched it enough times now that I find myself singing the songs and they’re actually quite good songs aren’t they 🙂

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