Just another manic Monday …….

It would be fair to say that we cram a lot into a day, I keep meaning to slow down a bit but never seem to quite manage it. Life in the old dog yet you know!

Today has been no exception ……. Pre-school was closed to the kids today so us parents could discuss their progress with the relevant key workers.  My son stayed at home while Daddy did some work, and off I trotted in the freezing wind to get his report at 9 am.  I looked through his profile book with his key worker, lovely to see some photos of him enjoying himself.  She commented that my son likes to observe activities rather than join in; unless the activity involves construction – no surprise there then.  He takes everything in but seems to prefer to relive the activity at home.  He has started singing pre-school songs at home but doesn’t join in there.  Maybe that will come next term?  He’s happy there and they are happy with him, so all is good.

But we do have the dilemma – leave him at pre-school for another year in September or move him to the Nursery at the main school next door.  I’d arranged to have a school visit at 10 am this morning, and my son said he wanted to come too.  So off out again I went with Monkey in tow – two of us freezing in the wind together.

The Nursery within the local school looks lovely, purpose-built, lots going on, etc etc.  In general, I was impressed with the whole school, things have certainly moved on since my day – no blackboards and overhead projectors in sight.  My son coped with the whole experience really well considering he normally takes a while to ‘warm’ to a new environment.  The Head Teacher was very approachable and I liked her way of dealing with the children.

So do we move him?  If he stays at pre-school the ratio of key workers to children is much higher, he likes it there, it’s quieter.  If we move him the ratio is 1 key worker to 13 children, would he drown in that kind of environment or would it make him more independent?  Aarrgh – what to do for the best?  Need to sleep on it.

Then back home, get in the car and off for playtime with some of our NCT group.  Lovely time, no squabbles (yippee!), my son got to meet baby E, the newest member of the gang who behaved impeccably, and the children stopped for an impromptu lunch.  I do love seeing them sitting together having their food – how they have moved on from our first picnic days 🙂

Back home again for an arty afternoon – playdough and painting. We made playdough ‘coins’ with cars and tractors as our ‘queens heads’ and used offcuts to make pretend cranes (construction is never far away in this house!)  and then went on a painting and stencilling frenzy.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking ……

crafty MondayTea time, followed by a bit of Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam and Postman Pat, off to bed with some bedtime stories, and another day is over for my son and I can have a quiet cuppa 🙂

Quiet day tomorrow?  Don’t be daft, that just wouldn’t be me, would it!

2 thoughts on “Just another manic Monday …….

  1. I was wondering about the same decision re: staying in nursery or moving to school nursery in september. In the end I’ve decided to keep mine where he is settled and thinking about the ratios I’m definitely happy with what I’ve decided as he pretty much has someone with him at all times in the montessori one he is at now, they give him a lot of support. But my older boy went straight to school nursery and seemed to be fine and really enjoyed himself! So just depends on each child, im sure you will make the right decision.
    Looks like fun with the crafts 🙂

    1. If Monkey was more gregarious I’d have no hesitation in changing to the Nursery and getting him ready for school next September. But would I be making that transition worse by keeping him where he is? More thought needed I feel. Thought the kitten’s tail was going to be used as a paint brush at one point – that would have been fun! 🙂

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