Keeping pets safe on Bonfire Night

Keeping pets safe on Bonfire Night

DSC05535I love Bonfire Night and Fireworks – to me there is something magical about the whole experience.  When we were kids our back garden was large enough that we could safely have a bonfire burning, fireworks illuminating the sky and we’d stand on the patio making shapes with our Sparklers.  I’ve had pets all my life, so making sure that they were safe while we were having fun was something I grew up with.  Keeping pets safe on Bonfire Night is so important.

Keeping pets safe on Bonfire Night





Now I have a very adventurous Brewster, our cat, I’m really conscious of making sure he is safe and inside for the next few evenings. Here are some great tips for keeping pets safe on Bonfire Night, as well as wildlife from the lovely people at Pets at Home.

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You can see some great advice for keeping cats and dogs safe this Bonfire Night as well as looking after wildlife in your garden.


So remember that Bonfire Night is not just about enjoying ourselves.


We need to think about keeping our pets safe on Bonfire Night.


We also need to think about the wildlife our festivities might affect.


Have a wonderful Bonfire Night – stay safe and make sure you are keeping your pets safe on Bonfire Night!

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