Kitten update Paddington at 10 months old

Kitten update: Paddington at 10 months old

Our lovely fluff bundle has been causing us a few sleepless nights and today it’s time to share the latest Kitten update: Paddington at 10 months old.  He’s 10 months old today and has been with us for over 7 months now.  That time has certainly flown and he’s very much a part of our family now.

Kitten update Paddington at 10 months old

Everything was going swimmingly well with our new addition until the week before Christmas when he decided to go on his first adventure and followed some Secondary school children to school and couldn’t work out how to get home.  Over the next couple of days, my faith in humanity was restored when complete strangers went out in the cold and wet looking for him.  My next-door neighbour and a friend were both amazing and helped search everywhere for him. Even one of the ladies who’d hand-reared Brewster went out looking for him.

Facebook came into its own with three sightings of him which all turned out to definitely be him when we were reunited two days later.  Paddington was microchipped at the same time that he had the snip and even with all the social media coverage it would ultimately be his chip that would see him reunited with us.

He’d crossed a main road and got lost in another estate and when he was still hanging around a house a day later the people took him in, looked after him overnight and took him to a local vet the next morning.  Not our vet, but I had rung them on the Monday afternoon to say he was missing.  But the chip proved I was his owner when he was taken in.  We were lucky and very relieved that he was in one piece.  He’d never been out overnight before.

We kept him in for a week over Christmas to try to reenforce where home is and gave him lots of love, fuss and attention.

But I’m a firm believer that cats should be allowed out and he was so eager to follow Brewster again that on Boxing Day we decided to let him out and keep our fingers crossed.  He was back to being as good as gold, although I felt ill every time he went out.  You’d never think that I’ve had cats for pretty much all of my life.

So all was well for a few days then on Saturday, he decided to go for another wander.  I text the people who had found him before, no sign of him this time, but I still droved down, parked up and walked all around the estate when he still wasn’t home at night.  The OH walked around our estate when I got back, still no sign of him.  Here we go again.

The power of Facebook did work this time, on Sunday morning I got a message, is this your missing cat?  He’s really friendly.  Yes, it’s him, sprawled out in the middle of the road.  Where is he?  not far from where we live at all.  They managed to guide him back towards our house, I opened our front door and in he ran, tail up, purring his head off.  No regard for his owners who hadn’t slept much all night.

Kitten update Paddington at 10 months old

Back under house arrest, but at least he’d almost made it home under his own steam this time around.  Only an overnight excursion.  We decided to keep him in again for a couple of days and he soon found another cardboard box to keep him amused.


He’s full of beans and such a lovely kitten, too friendly for his own good and clearly has inherited my sense of direction sadly.  He’s been out again today but not around school opening and closing times, just to make sure he doesn’t follow any more children.

People have suggested we get a GPS tracker for him, part of me thinks yes, part of me thinks they look chunky and he’ll probably manage to get rid of it the first time he wore it.  I want to have faith in him that he’ll find his way home.  That he’ll not wander so far from home, that he’ll be more like Brewster.  But he’s most certainly his own cat, he’ll do exactly what he wants to, when he wants to.  He’s our Paddington and he’s 10 months old today.

What do the next couple of months hold for us all before he turns 1 and co no longer be classed a kitten I wonder?


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  1. Gosh that sounds stressful! I would be a wreck 🙂 We have two kittens aged 8 months who are just about to go outside for the first time. I’m really nervous about it. I’m glad your kitty came back safely both times. How lovely for everyone to look out for him like that. He is a very handsome boy too I might add!

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