Kitten update - Paddington at eight months

Kitten update – Paddington at eight months

Kitten update – Paddington at eight months.  It’s hard to believe that Paddington turned eight months on Thursday last week.  Even harder to believe that he’s been with us for over five months.  He’s made a big impression on all of us and is very much at the heart of our home.

As I’ve mentioned before, relations with Brewster, our seven-year-old cat, have been challenging.  But finally, we are getting somewhere.  They still fight, but not continually, and now Paddington goes out during the day he’s calmed down a lot.  The run out in the garden together, and their fighting almost looks more like play fighting most of the time.  Indoors, they seem to have come to an understanding and they’ll happily fall asleep in the living room, fairly close together.

Kitten update - Paddington at eight months

Paddington is a real licker.  He loves licking all of us, including Brewster, and will give him a full-on facial given half a chance.

We still keep their food in different rooms, Paddington is still on kitten food until he’s a year old and Brewster is on mature cat food, so it’s a juggling act to keep them away from each other’s food.  Although Brewster does go out at night (normally waking me up at 3 am to start his adventures at this time of year – joy), I’ve made the decision to keep Paddington in at night, for the time being anyway.  He’s so adventurous, with no regards for the roads, that I just don’t see night-time adventures ending well.

Kitten update - Paddington at eight months

He loves exploring outdoors in the daytime.  Brewster has never really ventured out the front of our house, Paddington is totally different.  He is often found in the front gardens of us and ou neighbours and his absolute favourite pastime is following us to school in the morning and afternoon.  I can see him waltzing through the school gates in the future without a care in the world.

Kitten update - Paddington at eight months

Coming to his name, not a chance.

His favourite place, sitting on the OH’s armchair.  He likes to keep the seat warm for him in the evening before he gets home.  He’s not a lap cat, but he likes to crash out on the sofa next to me too.

Kitten update - Paddington at eight months

After losing his collar within a week of putting it on him, our next-door neighbours found it and he’s successfully kept it on ever since.  Hopefully, the bell will give birds a good warning signal that he’s approaching.  We tried Brewster with one on the same day, he’d lost his within a morning!

All in all, he’s got a lovely personality, he’s full of mischief but very loving too.

Kitten update - Paddington at eight months

Will our Christmas Tree survive next month?  I’m fearful, to be honest.  I also think our Elf antics might have to be seriously scaled back so they last the night ready for my son to find them in the morning.

But we’re looking forward to celebrating Christmas and my son’s birthday as a two-cat family again.



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  1. Paddington doesn’t look much of a kitten now. He’s grown so much. It sounds like him and Brewster are getting along better.
    hahaha! That did make me chuckle. It does sound like Paddington has the confidence to waltz through the school gates. lol Good luck with the Christmas tree x

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