Laid Low Lads: How to Cope When Your Boy is Poorly

I don’t know about you but when Monkey is not quite himself I need some idea to keep him happy. See what you think to these:

Laid Low Lads: How to Cope When Your Boy is Poorly

Many boys are a bit like dogs. They need food, fresh air and plenty of exercise and when they don’t get them, they end up going a bit stir crazy. What’s more, before long, they’ll have you feeling like you’re climbing the walls too!

So what happens when your little tike has to stay off school with a cold or chicken pox but, even though he’s under the weather, he still wants to be entertained?

Boys Bake Off

If he’s not troubled by a poorly tummy, why not use your unexpected time together to whisk up a batch of something delicious in the kitchen? Chocolate Rice Krispie cakes with mini chocolate eggs in the middle are a great choice at this time of year, and you’ll score brownie points from the rest of the family when they get back from school and see the treats on offer. If he doesn’t feel like eating much, why not make your own play dough? It’s cheap as chips to do, great fun and it couldn’t be easier.

Build a Masterpiece

What better time to dig out all those crafty kits he got given for birthdays and Christmas and never got round to using? Or get his box of Lego out and get constructing together. Who cares if all the pieces are mixed up and you’ve lost the instructions? When kids are little it’s much better to go freestyle where the building bricks are concerned. Help him start off, then stand back and see where his imagination takes him.

Snuggle Time

If you can’t have a cuddle on the sofa in front of his favourite DVD when he’s feeling poorly, when can you? Grab some snacks and drinks for you both and snuggle up together. When he’s under the weather there’s nothing like a soft and fleecy boy’s dressing gown to make him feel all cocooned and cosy. ASDA George’s boys dressing gowns tick all the comfort boxes and they won’t break the bank.

Peep Outside

OK, so he’s not allowed to go to the park or play with his friends, but if he’s feeling up to it and the weather’s nice, there’s nothing to stop the pair of you venturing into the garden. After all, a breath of fresh air does us all good when we’re getting over something nasty. No need to get dressed though. You’ll find that most boy’s dressing gowns are more than warm enough over his pyjamas for a restorative walk around the garden. Then, when he’s had enough and wants to go back in, it’s shoes off and back on the sofa without further ado!

It goes to show that while a poorly son can seem like a massive curve ball thrown into your day, if you’re prepared you can turn a difficult situation into some precious time together. And of course when his bedtime finally rolls around, you’ve definitely earned your evening in front of the telly!

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9 thoughts on “Laid Low Lads: How to Cope When Your Boy is Poorly

  1. I know it sounds awful but I do quite like it when E is a little poorly and we get to spend all day cuddled on the sofa in front of the tv!

  2. Some good tips here, especially about fresh air! Distracting them with an activity works well too.

  3. This is so true, and I have a little monkey who is a little under the weather right now and it’s hard to entertain him when all he wants to do is go outside. He is so like your little monkey, never happier than when either outside, eating or running/jumping – all three together and he’s in his element!! I may try making playdoh tomorrow. Thnx for the reminder x

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