How language changes through the years

How language changes through the years

When I was studying English Literature I can remember reading Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.  I loved it, but it was hard going at times as it was written in a form of English we just don’t use these days.  That’s understandable though as they were written in the 14th century.  But it’s something that’s always evolving, how language changes through the years is actually quite amazing.  I do wonder with the advent of text speak, what language my 6 year old will actually understand as he grows up.  Will my parents need a translator to understand his turn of phrase?  Will I!

How language changes through the years

We come to accept that we use different words and phrases for things than our parents and grandparents might use.

I can listen to my nieces and nephews, all in their teens or early twenties, and I realise that their language has moved on again, from my own. I’m sure that my son will make me feel ancient soon enough as his vocabulary moves on with the 21st century.

Sunlife have created a fun online language quiz which works our your age.  It’s quite amusing and certainly makes you think about the words you personally use to describe things.

I can’t imagine ever using Bangin’ or Spiffing to describe something ‘good’, Awesome or Cool are far more me.

Once I’d completed the online quiz I got an age of 40 – I’ll take that!

How language changes through the years

How accurate is it for you?

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2 thoughts on “How language changes through the years

  1. Ha ha love doing these. Mine is Teenage, although in honesty I probably wouldn’t use a lot of the words at all. Far too sophisticated lol

  2. Hehe some of the slang that is used these days makes me laugh but I too find myself using it at times.

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