Lego Dream Home

Lego Dream Home #OceanDreamHome

This is Monkey’s entry in the Ocean Dream Home competition.  The competition runs from today until midnight on 24th August, what would your child’s dream home look like if it was made from Lego?

I have a construction mad son on my hands, and we’re at that transition stage – he still loves building with Duplo but is starting to really enjoy Lego too.  We were recently set a challenge for Monkey to design and build his own Lego dream home.  He was sent a pack of Lego and the rest was up to him.  He only used Lego from this set, we’ve realised since that others have added additional pieces, but he still loves his original Lego Dream Home  so this remains his entry.

Lego Dream Home

I showed him how to join a few base plates together and then he was off, building his Lego Dream Home.  The thing that touched me was that his home had to have a garden, he actually ‘planted’ his flowers before anything else!

Lego Dream Home

For the actual house itself , my 5 and half year old Monkey went for quite a traditional look.  I think if we’d added in Lego from his existing stockpile we might have ended up with something much grander, but we stuck to the set we were sent and the pieces included.

He worked really quickly – Mummy it needs a door and a window and a front door mat and flowers by the door too.  We need a porch like our house too.

Lego Dream Home

It was all looking very traditional, and then my vehicle mad son really did create his ideal Lego Dream Home!

He added wheels and rotor blades so he could fly and drive anywhere he pleases. Apparently the ‘chimney’ is actually an exhaust pipe – who knew!  I’m actually surprised the house didn’t end up with wings too.

So there you have it, a cosy little home, complete with garden but with super powers – a house that you can drive around in, and if the holiday traffic gets too much, you can just fly off to some luxury destination.



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