Looking after a poorly Monkey #VicksTricks

Looking after a poorly Monkey #VicksTricks

I’m so lucky that Monkey isn’t really a sickly child at all.  We went through the whole chickenpox thing when he was 3 and that’s actually when I started the blog.  How time flies!  He gets the occasional tummy bug (thank you school) and has perforated his ear drums (not something I want to repeat).  But in general, he is a very healthy 7-year-old. So looking after a poorly Monkey is a rare thing, but it often reminds me of the way my parents looked after me.

Looking after a poorly Monkey

If Monkey’s feeling poorly, like he was before Christmas, I tuck him up under his favourite fleece blanket along with his teddies and we’d watch a kids tv programme or a DVD.  Time spent together, quietly.  If he’s got a temperature, like he did in December, than medicine would be called upon to help.  He had a really nasty flu type virus which wiped him out for a few days.  He went totally off his food, so I had to make sure he kept hydrated and we stayed indoors in the warm until he was feeling better.
Looking after a poorly Monkey
We both love books so when Monkey’s feeling poorly I tend to curl up next to him and read book after book to cheer him up.
As I child if I was feeling poorly, I remember nothing better than lying on the sofa with my Dad’s dressing gown wrapped around me.  Of course in those days there was no kids daytime tv, let alone DVD’s, but somehow we managed.
At this time of year cold s and coughs are everywhere and we’ve both suffered recently.  I always revert back to my Mum’s remedy and get the Vicks VapoRub out.  I love the smell of it, and never complained when Mum suggested rubbing a little on my chest.  In fact, I’d love to hold the pot to my nose and breathe it in.  My son is exactly the same, and since he was 2 years old, I’ve also rubbed the ointment on his feet, which seems to aid his sleeping when he’s full of cold.

The team at Vicks have produced a few videos with their own #VicksTricks for keeping the kids entertained when they’re poorly, what do you think?

This post is an entry for the #VicksTricks campaign with Britmums and we recently received a few goodies to keep Monkey entertained along with a free sample of Vicks First Defence nasal spray.
Looking after a poorly Monkey
We’ve not had call to try the Nasal Spray yet, but Monkey’s been making sure to keep his Daddy entertained with a finger puppet show and a little bedtime reading.
Looking after a poorly Monkey
What #VicksTricks do you use when your child is poorly?  Do you entertain them with magic tricks or quite time like us?
disclosure:  We received the items shown in exchange for this post, but I’ve been a lifelong user of Vicks so I would recommend it anyway.

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